Ninel Conde could be involved in Larry Ramos’ shady deals

Mexico.- In the program Chisme No Like , by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, documents were obtained that prove that the authorities of the United States were investigating Ninel Conde and Lorenzo Méndez for alleged complicity in the case of Larry Ramos , accused of more than 200 fraud people.

According to audios recorded by a source close to Larry, Ninel is involved in the movement of large amounts of cash between Mexico and the United States.

They also say that the singer would have bought Lorenzo Méndez a luxury Mercedes truck in cash in the United States, this in order to launder money for the businessman who is currently under house arrest in Miami.

It is presumed that Ninel Conde would have asked her employees in Mexico for 25 thousand dollars in cash to carry out the exchange, for which they are her collaborators in that country and the USA, so they could also be investigated by the FBI.

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Ninel Conde could be involved in Larry Ramos’ shady dealsNinel Conde could be involved in Larry Ramos’ shady deals
According to José , from Nicaragua, Larry Ramos confessed to being guilty of the crime, which he recorded in audios by his own means, but cannot be presented as evidence in the United States because only the FBI is allowed this practice.

Likewise, it is said that Ramos would have asked this man, one of his close sources, a transfer for 350 thousand dollars, which he affirmed that he would later send them in cash to his wife, which confirms that the singer was also aware of his businesses and carried money for him.

The 26 million dollars that he raised in his pyramid fraud, allegedly would be hidden in Colombia, his native country, which borders Panama and Mexico, the latter, where Ninel Conde has properties.


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