Natalia Téllez announces pregnancy with her boyfriend Antonio Zabala

The television host Natalia Téllez, there is no room for emotion !; announces pregnancy with her boyfriend Antonio Zabala and has unleashed a wave of good wishes

Natalia Tellez Announces Pregnancy With Her Boyfriend Antonio Zabala.

The host Natalia Téllez is celebrating! And not because she is celebrating her birthday, but because she recently announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend Antonio Zabala and her pet, through her social networks; what has generated a boom among the famous of Mexico; Well, the television presenter is that there is no room for emotion!

Natalia Téllez shared the news through her official Instagram account this Monday morning, after publishing a postcard in which she appears next to Antonio and her pet, a white dog whom she calls ‘Güero’ and provoking uproar among her colleagues and friends from television.

“Güero wanted to give them excellent news but since she fell asleep we gave it to Antonio @zaabs and I; We are going to be parents! And we can’t be overjoyed! #ConfirmedConClearblue #Ad”.

The host of “Netas Divinas” from Unicable, has also made her ex and colleagues react Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas, Jacky Bracamontes and of course, Consuelo Duval, who did not hesitate to express her emotion: “Ay NATALITA !!! (without words) I cry with joy my precious girl !! You are going to be the best mother on earth “and her daughter Paly joined in the celebration of her mother and the television host:” You are going to be the best mother in the world “.

For her part, her friend and colleague Daniela Magún also expressed: “Natalitaaaaaaa is the best news in the world if you doubt, I adore you” and the same did Paola Rojas, who also conducts “Al Aire con Paola”: Paola Rojas: “Natalita, me The news is very moving and moving. May they be filled with love. ”

The news that the soap opera actress gave this morning has so moved everyone that the publication literally seems like a party. The TV presenter Montserrat Oliver also congratulated the future mother: “Congratulations!”, As well as Fernanda Castillo: “How wonderful Natalia! Many congratulations !!!!!”, Ela Velden: “Congratulations precious” or Adriana Louvier: ” How incredible Natalia! Congratulations to both of you. ”

His colleagues from the telenovela “Te Acuerdas de Mí” (2021) produced by Carmen Armendáriz for Televisa also joined the celebration as Alex de la Madrid applauded the news. For her part, María Penela said: “Ay ay ayyyy Congratulations, Naaaaaat!” and Fátima Molina celebrated: “What a beauty”.

Other celebrities like Estefanía Villarreal commented: “Oh wow, congratulations Nat … the best for you and baby”, while Oka Giner spoke about the traits that Natalia could inherit from her first baby and her other children: “It would have been selfish not to inherit those pretty freckles from a mini-you, congratulations to both of you. ”

Actors and TV hosts also marvelled at the news; Andrés Zuno: “What queeeeee !!!! Wow !!! What a beautiful emotion! Congratulations !! I love you !!!!”, the French Angelique Boyer did not notice her celebration: “What emotion !!! Many congratulations” and Nashla she also reacted: “Wooooow congratulations.”

The actress Ariadne Díaz was no exception with a: “Congratulations !! What beautiful news” or the Guadalajara María León: “Congratulations beautiful !!!”. But the one who almost speaks in the comment that is read was also Jacky Bracamontes from Jalisco who is not buying the news: “NATALIA TELLEEEEEZ! Is that true ??? Do not play with my feelings !!! I am very excited! CONGRATULATIONSEEEEES !!!!

Andrea Legarreta, who shared credits with Téllez in the program “Hoy”, celebrated: “Wooooow !! The most beautiful news !! What a great joy, Precious !!! May God always fill you with blessings and love !! I love you”. For her part, Sandra Echeverría was delighted: “OMG !!! Q emotion !!!! Congratulations Nat beautiful !!! Q put your eyes out please…”. Paulina Dávila was not far behind with her comment: “Woooooowwwwwww what a beauty … infinite congratulations to you and the family”, as well as Paulina Goto: “OMGGGGGG … what an emotion Nat !! Congratulations to both of you !! I love you! a lot and I’m dying to be an aunt !!!! “.

The host who is characterized by her special freckles has managed to conquer the world of entertainment and its fans with more than 288 thousand red hearts and more than 5,200 comments can be read.

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