Cynthia Rodríguez says goodbye to summer with a luxury bikini on the beach

Cynthia Rodriguez says goodbye to summer with a luxurious bikini on the beach. Instagram photo Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez says goodbye to summer with a luxurious bikini on the beach. Instagram photo Cynthia Rodriguez

The end of summer is near and the famous do not want to let it go without showing off their great bodies in tiny swimsuits, although this time  Cynthia Rodríguez outshined everyone with a luxurious bikini on the beach, melting her admirers with the spectacular view of her heart attack curves.

The sexy host of “Venga la Feliz”, a morning TV Azteca, blew the wall and left more than one on the brink of a heart attack by saying goodbye to the summer with a tremendous outfit, remembering her “days in paradise”, when she spent time around Spain accompanying her boyfriend Carlos Rivera on a tour.

Cynthia Rodríguez stole all eyes by showing her great body with a luxury bikini from the beach and compliments rained down on her from her thousands of fans on social networks, who recognized her impressive beauty displayed in the sexy garments.

The television presenter showed off by sharing on Instagram a series of photographs in which she appears wearing a micro swimsuit of two pieces of printed fabric with which she showed her marked abdomen and her sculptural figure from head to toe, drawing sighs from his step.

The Mexican singer exhibited her stylized curves with the sexy bikini while walking on the beach and demonstrated why she is one of the most beautiful and followed television conductors in the middle of the show, shining with her stunning silhouette in the swimsuit she left behind. drooling his fans.


Cynthia Rodríguez shared three postcards of her bikini and wearing a hat and sunglasses with a mirror screen, allowing her curves to be seen and sweeping the reactions among her more than 3 million followers on the camera’s social network, who became present in the comments of the publication.

“Memories of a few days in paradise …”, the former academic wrote along with the images, recalling her little vacation in Spain with Carlos Rivera just a few weeks ago, in which she visited several cities and, of course, the beach in the company of his love.


“You are definitely my most motivation to get into the fit life”, “But Cynthia, just look at that bodywear!”, “Danger”, “Suddenly my hunger went away”, “What a great body!”, ” Spectacularly beautiful ”,“ Beautiful angel ”,“ How beautiful! ”,“ What a beautiful landscape ”,“ You are the most beautiful, Cyn ”,“ Wow! Besides being nice, good vibes, you are very beautiful, Cyn. Many congratulations and blessings ”, were some of the impressions of the actress’s followers in networks.

And it is that Cynthia Rodriguez is one of the television presenters who have the most traction in the digital world and because of her exposure through the program she hosts, making her one of the best dressed in the middle of the show and with more followers.



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