Marlene Favela’s ex-husband is moved by the beauty of his ex-daughter wife’s and writes a heartfelt note as a result.

Even before she became two years old, Marlene Favela’s kid dazzled thousands of onlookers, including her father, George Seely.

Marlene Favela.

A few days after her second birthday, actress Marlene Favela surprised her social media followers with a tender photo in which she boasted about how big and beautiful her first-born is; she received compliments from her fans as well as from her proud father, George Seely, who had no qualms about praising the beauty of his daughter.

So, to commemorate the occasion of Bella Seely turning two on October 12th, her famous mother released a heartfelt letter on the youngster’s Instagram account, which boasts more than 300 thousand followers. This was predicted, and it flashed brightly and caught the attention of a large crowd.

Although Bella has always had a fantastic sense of style when it comes to posing for the camera, in the picture that received over 20,000 likes, you can see her smiling the most while wearing a red dress that made her look like a doll.

Her father George Seely also shared his daughter’s picture on his own personal profile within the same social network and posted a statement with it in which he recalled the impending big day. But Bella didn’t just win the hearts of Internet users.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

“My daughter will be two in a few weeks. Bella, I adore you and pray for your well-being at all times.”

A few months ago, he shared photos from his daughter’s baptism on his social network, and although this time he couldn’t make there, he thinks about it often. This isn’t the first time that the Australian-born billionaire has reacted or shared a photo of the object of his affection.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Of course, she couldn’t resist flattering her ex-partner, the excellent actress from “La Desalmada,” in one of the photos.

“What a great photo,” Seely exclaimed as he looked at the photograph of the television celebrity holding a young girl in her arms, gigantic golden wings fluttering behind them. I wished I could have attended “the couple is still in love even though they haven’t been together since December of last year.

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