Daniela Parra, Héctor Parra’s daughter, believes Ginny Hoffman’s husband abused her sister.

Hector Parra.
Hector Parra.

Despite the fact that the investigation into Héctor Parra’s alleged sexual abuse of his daughter Alexa is still ongoing, the actor is about to serve four months in preventive detention for the alleged crime. Daniela Hoffman, the actor’s eldest daughter, believes that Ginny Hoffman’s husband may be the one responsible for her sister’s maltreatment.

During an interview with ‘Ventaneando,’ the young woman talked about how difficult it has been for her to make ends meet while working to support herself and her father, who is incarcerated in Mexico City’s Oriente prison.

Because of the time and effort it has taken, I now cry nonstop throughout the day. “I’m not having a nice time” is an accurate statement.

Aside from going through the legal procedure with her father and sister, Daniela also had to undergo psychiatric counselling to help her cope with the disintegration of her family.

What’s more, a 24-year-old woman confessed to having doubts about whether or not her sister had been abused, not by Ginny Hoffman’s partner Alberto Ocampo who her sister had always rejected for reasons that remain a mystery to this day.

As far back as when they first met, “Alexa never wanted him to be that man,” at school, when they danced and stuff.

Daniela is surprised to learn that Alexa has come to recognise Ocampo as her father, given her previous aversion to the man.

“I find it weird that the man assigned to look after Alexa and the woman’s husband has yet to show his face. It strikes me as odd that his name doesn’t even appear when Alexa’s rejection of that man can be heard in the audio.

And he wants authorities to look into actress Ginny Hoffman’s partner as well, because he’s worried that his sister is still living with him.

The only thing I’m worried about is that they’ve abused her. Now they have Alexa locked up in the house they forced her to be in after manipulating her for a long time. It’s something that worries me now that I think about it. What can I do to make things easier for you? What should I do now that it’s stuck in there?

For what it is worth in October 2020, Alexa Parra rebukes Ginny Hoffman for disparaging her father Héctor Parra and states that the only person she doesn’t want to be with or live with is precisely his stepfather Alberto Ocampo in an audio release.


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