María Conchita Alonso calls Pepe Aguilar “ignorant” for asking his employees to get vaccinated

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MEXICO CITY. – Maria Conchita Alonso has joined the list of famous to be skeptical of the current pandemic by Coronavirus , calling her ” Plandemia “.

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@ Mariaconchita_A @ Instagrammaria Conchita Alonso

After learning that the singer Pepe Aguilar demanded that his employees get vaccinated in order to continue working with him, the Cuban did not hesitate to criticize him severely.

Regarding Aguilar’s request, the actress expressed in an interview for the program “Sale el sol”, that “ It is very unconscious . He is an ignorant man, he does not know the reality”.

In addition, the interpreter has shown her support for Paty Navidad , who from the beginning has shared her conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic, which is why her Twitter account was closed .

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@ Mariaconchita_A @ Instagrammaria Conchita Alonso

De Navidad has said that “Of course she does believe in the virus, she has never said that she does not believe in the virus, she says the same as me: we do not believe much of what they say about the virus, we believe it is a plandemic , it is not a pandemic ”.

Because of the aforementioned, his opinion about the vaccine is far from being favorable, revealing that ” I die before (getting vaccinated). No, knowing everything I know, it would be stupid of me or silly to do so.”


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