Fati Vazquez

Fati Vazquez
Fati Vazquez

Real name: Fati Vázquez

Star from: Youtube

Wiki and Biography

All over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of YouTubers who dedicate their content to a variety of topics. Many of them are of Spanish origin, and most have started their careers long ago. In the case of Fati Vázquez, she has become one of the most popular influencers of the moment, acquiring many followers and positioning herself as one of the most famous celebrities in all of Spain.

Who is Fati Vázquez?

This is a popular social media star of Spanish nationality, who was born in Spain on August 29, 1995. She has managed to gain widespread popularity on the YouTube video platform and on her Instagram account of the same name. With millions of followers within her accounts, she is considered one of the most influential people in her country.

In her career she has accumulated millions of views for her tags, jokes, challenges and lifestyle vlogs. For this reason, she considers her work as a YouTuber to be something serious to which she dedicates a lot of time. In addition, she has allocated a space to the world of music and also aspires to be a presenter, she assures that if they offer her an interesting offer on television she will take advantage of it. On the other hand, at one time she had the dream of writing and publishing a book , until she finally got it.

Due to her fame, the Planeta publishing house asked her to tell her own story and she accepted. In her book ‘ And let them come for me’ , the harassment suffered by the YouTuber in her childhood and adolescence is recounted. It is a true story, written and related by Fati Vázquez herself, in which she seeks to help children and young people who are in the same situation as she was.

Fati Vázquez career   

Before being a YouTuber, Fati Vázquez worked as a stewardess in a Spanish air transport company called Vueling . Her ex-boyfriend, who is an overcooked YouTuber, was her inspiration to launch her social media career. So she started working on the videos that her partner uploaded, while participating in the FIFA games that she presented. After learning to function alone, she finally decided on March 21, 2016 to create her own YouTube channel by launching the video titled “MY FIRST VIDEO “. On the other hand, she has an Instagram account with the name fativazquezd, in which she already has thousands of followers.

Fati plans her work well, so she starts from Monday to order the content that she will upload during the week. You really enjoy your work as a YouTuber, so when you get in front of the camera you think about the content that you will offer to the public to make them laugh and enjoy. So she tries on some pants, tells jokes, records the moment she gets a tattoo, shows a video diving into the beach, among other things. After that, she publishes her videos on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, the rest of the week she uploads only photographs.

Curiosities and more information about Fati Vázquez

  • She quit her job as a stewardess to dedicate herself to being a star on social media.
  • The part she likes the most about being a YouTuber is being able to entertain her followers.
  • During her childhood and adolescence, she suffered harassment from some fellow students.
  • He wrote a book entitled “And let them come after me”, where she tells her own story.
  • He spends a little time in the world of music.
  • On one occasion they made him a proposal to go to The Island of Temptations, but she considered that if she accepted it could damage her reputation, and she decided to reject the proposal.
  • She was in a long-term courtship with YouTuber Tobbalink.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Her goal is to become a presenter.
  • His YouTube account has surpassed one million subscribers.
  • He has thousands of followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

With which YouTubers has Fati Vázquez collaborated

Many people who have achieved fame recognize that to continue growing it is necessary to associate with other stars. That is why Fati Vázquez from the first moment has been related to many of them. And one of those celebrities with whom she has collaborated is YouTuber Tobbalink.


Her longtime partner was YouTuber Tobbalink . But over time, it was published that they ended up being a very toxic relationship. And then she began to have a loving relationship with someone named Alexis.

How does she describe her channel herself?

Fati Vázquez has been a person who has known how to reach the hearts of her followers. One of those ways is the way you have described your channel, where you say:

Hi friends! Welcome to this my channel, my corner, from where I have decided to share with all of you what life has given me .

Afterwards, she leaves some buttons that redirect to her social networks , such as Instagram and Twitter, where she has also accumulated thousands of followers.

What are people googling about Fati Vázquez?

Fati Vázquez is a YouTuber well known and loved by her followers, so it is logical that they want to know details about her life. For example, what is the name of your parents, if you have siblings, if you actually have a boyfriend and who is he, how much do you earn, if you like pets, among other things. The truth is that, when she deems it appropriate, Fati will reveal more details about her private life. But we can be sure that in the meantime, she will continue to count on the support of her fans and thus continue to grow to where she has wanted to go.

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