Lily Adrianne shows off her curves from the back in spectacular lace Innerwear

Currently, Adrianne’s publication has accumulated more than 240 thousand likes.

Currently Adriannes Publication Has Accumulated More Than 240 Thousand Likes.

Lily Adrianne managed to cause a great sensation among her Instagram followers, posting 2 photos with a sensational lingerie set.

The model appears sitting on her back on a bed for the first snapshot, allowing us to appreciate her incredible rear while wearing lace underwear.

For the second photo, Lily drops to her knees, while her long black hair falls down her back, once again taking her fans out of breath with her lush body.

Lily Adrianne

Undoubtedly, with her images, the New Zealander wastes all her sensuality, making it very clear that she has a dreamlike figure, with which she manages to capture all eyes.

Within her post, the influencer writes us a description in which we can read “Baby is cold outside”, to which many of her fans have offered to shelter her.


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