Couple tries to record romantic video in the sea and seagulls ruin it

Within the first seconds of the recording we can see a couple walking hand in hand towards the sea.

Couple Tries To Record Romantic Video In The Sea And Seagulls Ruin It

 Many couples do not miss the opportunity to record their incredible moments together to share them on their social networks, although sometimes it does not turn out as expected.

In recent days, thousands of Internet users have laughed at the particular mishap that some lovers had with seagulls on the beach, who decided to appear in their video.

Within the first seconds of the recording, we can see a couple walking hand in hand towards the sea, right at sunset, in what undoubtedly seemed to be great material to share on their networks. 

When everything seemed perfect, a seagull appears that overshadows the bride and groom, since it is placed in front of the camera, squawking quite scandalously.

As if that were not enough, a few seconds later a second seagull joins him, who also decides to steal cameras from the lovers, while they do not even realize what is happening.

Some users did not hesitate to leave their message in the comment box , writing that at least the seagulls did not do anything to the cell phone.  


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