Jimena Barón posed with a body of lingerie and transparencies that revealed her most intimate tattoo

The singer shared stories on her Instagram account with very subtle underwear and dazzled her followers.

Jimena Baron

With a total of almost six million followers on her Instagram account, the singer and actress, Jimena Barón , is one of the most active Argentine personalities on her networks.

There he shares his looks for the galas of “La Academia” ( El Trece ), a program of which he is a judge, and in his spare time, he shares postcards of his daily life.

This time, through two photos she posted on Instagram stories, she is seen at home, wearing a set of rose gold lace lingerie . The bodice was triangular and the bottom, a colaless.

Jimena Baron Instagram Instagram

Thanks to healthy habits, the singer has a very toned body that she likes to share through photos on her account.

In turn, she is seen without a drop of makeup and with her hair down and wavy. When posing on his side, he showed the tattoo he has on his buttock . A language of the English band, The Rolling Stones.

Jimena Barón supported Daniel Osvaldo’s ex amid the controversy

Jimena Barón has been separated for several years from the soccer player, Daniel Osvaldo , with whom she has a son, Morrison.

However, in the midst of the controversy over the alleged non-payment of the food quotas that she owes to her ex, Elena Braccini , the singer came out to support her.

Jimena Baron Instagram Instagram 1

“Elena Braccini is an excellent mom. There are things that I already decide not to tell because my son is old and because I also understood that it makes me better to keep it. But I love her very much, “said the singer.

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