Karina Jelinek posed in front of the mirror with a crop top and visible thong

The model settled for a few months in Miami, from where she continues to share material that impacts her followers.

Karina Jelinek Posed In Front Of The Mirror With A Crop Top

As is her custom, Karina Jelinek once again won the looks of her more than 940 thousand followers through a very casual publication she made on her Instagram account. The model knows how to attract attention, so she does not need a lot of display so that in a few minutes her proposals are filled with likes and thousands of flattering messages.

Karina Jelinek

On this occasion, she posed in front of the mirror with huge glasses, a very short black crop top, minishort and “visible thong” , always following fashion trends. Jelinek spends his days, and for a few months, in the United States.

From there it remains hyper-active on the networks, with a lot of work with various brands.

According to her lawyer Ana Rosenfeld, one of the reasons that led Jelinek to travel to the northern country has to do with the procedures for possible maternity by surrogacy , one of the projects that the brunette has at this time.

Karina Jelinek 1

Karina, according to what she says, is single and plans to raise a future child with her friends, a different experience, like the ones she likes to live.

And if it is about experiences, what better way than to review the stories of the model, which are usually a collage of moments , ranging from her training routines, her preferences when it comes to taking care of her diet, such as her succulent tastes with, for For example, images of huge pasta dishes. Karina lives and enjoys everything that pleases her with total freedom. Your followers love that feature of yours and let you know.

Karina Jelinek 1 1

Also, a few days ago he published a photo with a keychain of the typical Mickey Mouse glove, hinting at a possible trip to the theme parks. Will we soon have images of Karina enjoying as a child in the magical world of Disney?


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