Jessica Newton accepts the apologies of Maricielo Gamarra, but will not reinstate her to Miss Peru

“””I excuse her, but she has to respect the rules,”” said Jessica Newton after Maricielo Gamarra apologized to the Miss Peru organization for having attended a social gathering in the midst of the pandemic. “

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After Maricielo Gamarra apologized to the Miss Peru organization for having attended a social meeting in the midst of a pandemic and Jessica Newton made the decision to separate her from the contest, she received a series of attacks from the model’s followers.

Through her social networks, the president of this contest responded to a fan who asked her why she did not pick up Maricielo’s version before “making such a drastic decision.”

“I prefer to teach my queens to follow the rules and accept their mistakes to learn from them. Maricielo Gamarra should not have attended this place, that of course. That if he went to pick up my friend, that if they recorded me in bad faith, that I was just standing, the rules must be followed and that’s it! ”, Wrote Jessica Newton .

He also stressed that he will not reinstate the participant and will not represent Peru in the Miss Grand International 2021, but he accepted his apology.

“I always forgive, I accept apologies and I try to be fair, but the rules have to be followed! Maricielo Gamarra will deliver the band before his trip to Los Angeles where he will stay for more than three months studying English ”, he added.

The dismissal of Maricielo Gamarra
The Miss Peru director spoke loud and clear about the attitude of the beauty queen and did not hesitate to ask her to return the crown for breaking the rules of the Miss Peru organization and putting the health of the team at risk.

As he demonstrated on his Instagram account, videos of Maricielo Gamarra attending an event came into his hands , a situation that he called “irresponsible” because he broke the rules of the Miss Peru organization .

“If a 25-year-old woman does not know what is right or what is wrong and has not heard that the norms of the organization and the country are that social gatherings are prohibited, that woman does not deserve to be a national example, so with great shame she will deliver her crown in the next few days, ”she said, quite mortified in a video posted on her social networks.

Jessica Newton also asked Maricielo Gamarra to take a COVID test for the tranquility of Miss Peru since she was meeting with the organization’s team.

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