Jenn Muriel posed with a white set of transparencies and was on the verge of censorship

The influencer gave it her all in her new post and her fans thanked her for it.

Jenn Muriel Posed With A White Set Of Transparencies And Was On The Verge Of Censorship

Social media is a great opportunity for those determined to achieve fame and share it with thousands of fans. This is the case of Jenn Muriel, a young Colombian who began working as a youtuber with fresh and varied publications, and who later conquered Instagram .

The young woman is a rage in networks where she accumulates, only on Instagram, more than 2.6 million followers. There he shows part of his life, his day to day and, above all, the most daring looks that attract all eyes.

This time, the brunette was encouraged to a set of lingerie with transparencies and lace and was on the verge of censorship. In addition, he took the opportunity to tell his fans that he has a new account to upload content. “Holi, baby. Are you already following me on my second profile? ”He wrote and linked to his new feed.

The Young Woman

Solidarity actions by Jenn Muriel

Jenn is committed to various causes and shows it on her networks. Recently, she joined an animal shelter in Colombia to raise awareness about pet care and give them a better quality of life.

“From Colombia every time I feel committed to my followers, we as influencer or youtuber are responsible for transmitting messages and we have to do a great job,” said Jenn.

The young woman surpassed 2.6 million followers and in this she also had the support of Yeferson, who has more than 5 million fans. The young man often performs hilarious campaigns, such as having breast implants or buying luxury cars for exorbitant sums. Some time ago he asked to help him get his girlfriend to add followers.


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