It was a lie? They accuse Lyn May of false pregnancy under this argument

Lyn May
Lyn May

Mexico. Former Acapulco vedette Lyn May reported in recent days that at 68 years of age she is expecting a baby and is three months pregnant, which caused an uproar and criticism of her on social networks.

In addition, Lyn May made public that the singer Marcos D1 , who is many years younger than her, is the father of the child she is expecting and that is why they are both very happy.

Lyn May would be about to be one of the oldest women in the world to have a child at almost 70 years of age.

But according to medical studies, they refer in various news portals, women who have gone through the menopausal period, such as Lyn May, cannot get pregnant without medical help.

It was a lie? They accuse Lyn May of false pregnancy under this argument
Lyn May and Marcos D1. Instagram photo

And it is noted that due to the above, women who want to have a child and have already gone through menopause, go through a medical process of In Vitro fertilization.

In In Vitro fertilization, more than one embryo is usually transferred to the uterus, so a multiple pregnancy is the most common that occurs.

Older pregnant women need continuous monitoring as they are more prone to high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Multiple pregnancy is considered a high risk by doctors, as it increases the probability that the delivery will be premature and the mother will suffer from pre-eclampsia.

In the case of Lyn May, and if she would be pregnant as she assures, she could have undergone in vitro fertilization, but she has not shared details about this so far.

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