Ignacia Michelson lets loose in Tulum, dancing everyone in a thong

Ignacia Michelson, 28, unleashed total craziness from Tulum and proceeded to a club where she began to dance in an extremely sensuous thong, generating quite a stir.

With a thong Ignacia Michelson steals glances in Tulum
With a thong Ignacia Michelson steals glances in Tulum

In the video, the Chilean model can be seen dancing on an extremely hot tube and flaunting her fantastic figure, which she has never denied having had surgery on because she adores the scalpel.

“Well, if I could like it, I would do it without thinking for a fraction of a second….. enjoy, woman, do whatever you sing”, they write to the girl.

Returning to Ignacia Michelson’s operations, many have condemned her, as she now wishes to have her eyes tinted, according to Celia Lora.

Although many expected the Chilean to be unhappy with the stunning Playboy model, her attitude was positive, demonstrating that she is used to being hated.

Another thing that has made this woman very controversial is the fights she had in Acapulco Shore with Jacky Ramrez, with whom she found everything.

Unfortunately, the lovely lady no longer desired to film for Season 9, as she was fed up with some of the girls’ duplicity.

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