How to improve the mother-daughter relationship

mother daughter relationship
mother daughter relationship

Although there is nothing more true than the love between a mother and a daughter, the truth is that their relationships are not always easy. If in your case you can strengthen your deal with your girl, and you are also determined to change this situation, do not hesitate and take note. These aspects will allow you to improve the mother and daughter relationship .

Tips to improve the mother-daughter relationship
Spend time together
It is essential that you dedicate some time to carry out activities that unite you . In spite of the work, think that there are moments that can be ideal, like the weekends. A good idea to spend a pleasant evening with your girl is to organize fun activities that you like at both. Think about what precisely this activity that you both need to do together can be.

Know yourself better
Although we know a person a lot, surely he is always capable of surprising us. It is key to discover yourself in all aspects and accept the characteristics that define you and make you who you really are.

To improve the mother- daughter relationship , this is paramount. When it comes to knowing each other, a lot of listening is required, mainly active . When you are arguing, you tend not to listen.

However, if we stop for a few moments to know what the other person has to say about it, we may reach an understanding. In short, we must always be open to listen. Otherwise, it seems that we have no interest whatsoever in this regard.

Work assertiveness
It is key both in one sense and in the other that you work on values ​​such as assertiveness . We must bear in mind that each one is different. In fact, our way of thinking is also so, so try to put yourself in the place of the other and understand it, however little it resembles your way of thinking to ours, will be key to achieving a good mother- daughter relationship .

Respect your need to have space
It is essential to know how to respect certain needs of daughters . Therefore, without going any further, the mother should understand that your child will not always want to spend time with her. Remember that you also have a series of friendships and others with which, logically, you want to be.

Remember that it’s never too late to show how much you love someone

Of course, your daughter already knows that you love her . Make sure to praise their efforts above all else. It is important that you know at all times that trying again and again, and learning to deal with failure, will achieve success in life. With your support , you will have a positive attitude. He laughs and smiles along with her. Transmitting values ​​and feelings such as love, trust, security and moments that are embodied in the head is something that has no price, and that will unite you like never before.

Be constructive
The relationships , in the same way that criticism, must be constructive . Teach the values ​​that you consider most important to your daughter. Explain that there is a right way to do things every time. In that way, she will form her own criteria. And, without a doubt, these will be the bases to create a healthy relationship between both, generating a link for all life.

Also, keep in mind that there will be nothing better than sincerity to strengthen true links with your daughter . Try to make an honest communication, as it will serve as a basis so that in the future she can trust you absolutely.

What if your daughter is still a girl?
In this stage, you will have to pay special attention to the type of treatment you have with the girl . The most advisable thing is to exercise listening and dialogue from early childhood. In this way you will filter as much as possible the messages that can block the authentic development of the girl’s personality.

It must be taken into account especially that it is at this stage, during early childhood, when conflicts usually emerge. This is between 3 and 5 years old, and during puberty and adolescence. In any case, they are two periods in which the identity itself is highlighted. In addition, the person is emotionally vulnerable , so you, as a mother, will have to take it into account.

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