Former Hi-5 singer Casey Burgess flaunts her stunning shape in a provocative bikini while swimming in Clovelly… after a man once told her she ‘needed to get her boobs done.’

She rose to prominence as a member of the Australian children’s musical ensemble Hi-5 before embarking on a solo career.

Bikini Babe Former Hi 5 Star Casey Burgess Showed Off Her Sensational Figure In A Cheeky Bikini As She Went For A Swim In Clovelly Over The Weekend

Casey Burgess was still turning heads as she swam at Clovelly Beach over the weekend.

Bikini Babe Former Hi 5 Star Casey Burgess

The 32-year-old TV personality flaunted her toned body in a mismatched bikini.

Casey wore a striped strapless bikini top and cheeky high cut bottoms to minimise tan lines.

The blonde beauty also showed off her perfect skin by going makeup-free, and she stayed cool in the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of stylish shades.

Casey responded to critics who said she needed plastic surgery last year.

The singer remembered a series of startling examples of people casually sliding into a conversation that she needed to have her appearance surgically enhanced.

Bikini Babe Former Hi 5 Star Casey Burgess Showed Off Her Sensational Figure In A Cheeky Bikini

‘A guy came up to me at a bar and told me I was a hard seven, but he believed with a bit of filler, my lips done, and some boobs, I would be a strong ten,’ she explained.

Casey claimed that she was taken aback when the man ‘confidently’ made comments on her appearance in the middle of their informal talk.

In another case, the actress said she was in a social environment when a female she had never met before gave her unsolicited advice to’slim out her jaw.’

Self-assured Casey stated that she “thinks she looks fine for 31,” but recognised that others on the receiving end of similar statements may be severely impacted.

‘I don’t understand how individuals believe they have the right to enter my or anyone else’s area and tell them what they need to do to improve themselves.’ You have no idea what that individual is going through.

‘You don’t know if they’re content with themselves. Who are you to approach a stranger and tell them they need a face injection to make their jaw smaller?’

When she joined the children’s entertainment group Hi-5 in 2008, the statuesque beauty rose to fame.

Breakout Star The Statuesque Beauty Found Fame In 2008 When She Joined Childrens

She left the band in 2013 to pursue a solo singing and acting career.

Casey made news in 2015 when she confessed that she and former Hi-5 bandmate Lauren Brant had never ‘gelled,’ telling The Daily Telegraph that they hadn’t been in touch since she left the band.

‘When we were in Hi-5, we just weren’t each other’s type of girl. ‘We just never clicked,’ she explained.

After Leaving The Group In 2013 She Pursued A Solo Singing And Acting Career


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