Enjoying an afternoon in the pool, Erika Fernández shone like never before in a swimsuit

The sports driver enjoyed a very nice afternoon to show off her charming swimsuit with crossed straps in blue and bright white

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Mexico.- Erika Fernández , impressive and divine Colombo-Cuban lady with a stay in Mexico City , kept her millions of followers with a captivating gaze after publishing a photograph full of beauty and charm, being in the pool , next to a beautiful landscape as much as her.

Eriferca, enjoyed a moment of relaxation after having a lot of participation in the programs of the sports network Fox Sports and helping to find a home for the street dogs, thanks to its foundation “Amor sin Raza”. So much load led him to an afternoon of relaxation and in the pool it was the best decision.

Falling in love on social networks, especially on the social media Instagram , Erika Fernández decided to wear her best swimsuit for a moment like this and one in blue with white details, with crossed straps, was the one to generate fury in the world of the internet and at the same time win the hearts of his fans.

“Moment of relaxation”, he wrote in his photograph where he is posing with freshness by placing his right hand behind his head, while his torso is kept vertical and his left forearm receives the weight and satisfaction of the Colombian.

At the time of observing Erika’s image, her little more than 1.7 million fans gave a like and a very sweet comment. Most of them admiring her hair, her look and how great it was perceived to wear said blue and white bikini.

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The beautiful lady has had a lot of work in recent days but in each one she has shown a positive, cheerful and full of strength attitude, which she transmits to her followers and of course she manages to enchant her audience even more, because of the sensational person that each day remains.


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Erika Fernández dedicates herself with great enthusiasm to what she is most passionate about and every day she looks for a way to shine and look so beautiful, by wearing her beautiful dresses and outfits for the day. She is a queen and of course a strong woman with many values and qualities.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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