Daniela Berriel: for this reason the legal process against Eduardo Ojeda for rape will not follow

This is what the Mexican presenter and actress said about her complaint against the actor’s friend Gonzalo Peña.

daniela berriel
daniela berriel

Daniela Berriel made a serious complaint against Eduardo Ojeda, friend of actor Gonzalo Peña, on March 5, 2021. The Mexican presenter and actress accused him of rape, a case in which Peña was also involved as a witness. After a few months, the also model decided to leave the judicial process behind.

Berriel reported that Ojeda ‘s sexually outraged in 2020 , during a trip to a beach Guerrero in Mexico , where they met with other friends.

The 27-year-old television figure said that she agreed to attend that meeting because she was invited by Peña , her ex-partner , confident that she would have a good time.

However, he lived a nightmare due to the abuse he suffered, according to his testimony , in the presence of the actor who did nothing to intervene.

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Daniela Berriel announced, through her social networks, that she left behind her legal process against Eduardo Ojeda for rape because she did not feel trust in Mexican justice , due to lack of money to pay the lawyers and because of the influence of the accused.

“I am no longer going to continue with my case and I am not going to do it for three reasons: the first is because I felt legally protected since I was with the Olea & Olea law firm, but a week after filing the amparo they told me that they could no longer working for a bonus, for a bonus is that I wasn’t paying fees, I had to start paying fees and I don’t have the resources to pay lawyers right now, ”he said.

Then, he added that “the second is that I do not feel safe and for me the most important thing is my safety and that of my family. I know that if something happens to me tomorrow the authorities are not going to take charge ” .

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Daniela Berriel also reported that she will dedicate herself to supporting other victims of sexual violence through a foundation .

“For me it was a path of many disappointments, painful and that is why I decided to leave it, but the fight does not end here, I have joined a foundation and I will fight from another trench. (…) Eduardo’s political and economic level is great, but I thank everyone because they were on this path of healing, which is the most important thing, ”she explained.

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