Charlotte Caniggia is pointed out for excess Photoshop in her photos

The media published an image on networks where they noticed the edition, but users found the original and the excesses of retouching were obvious.

image 1 84
image 1 84

Charlotte Caniggia was accused of abusing the retouching of her photos on social networks.

It all happened when the media was promoting a hairdresser after having his hair cut. However, several details did not go unnoticed .
Charlotte Caniggia is pointed out for excess Photoshop in her photos
The photo posted by Charlotte Caniggia.The photo posted by Charlotte Caniggia. (Photo: Instagram)
These touch-ups are better detailed when a comparison is made between the photo uploaded by the hairdresser and the one shared by Caniggia on her profile .

The first, which was published five hours before the second, shows the bags under Charlotte’s eyes .

The photo that the hairdresser published without the retouching.The photo that the hairdresser published without the retouching. (Photo: Instagram)
However, in the second, which the media went up, they were no longer there .

For this, both the factions and the makeup had to be retouched through digital editing programs, such as Photoshop.

Charlotte Caniggia surgeries
Beyond the editions, the other detail that did not go unnoticed these days is that the media spoke about his surgeries .

Caniggia explained that she does not regret her interventions because she considers that ” all women in the environment do it .”

“I think it’s a decision I made and I don’t regret it. I’ve done little things to myself, but I’m not a Barbie either. It was to improve some things, “he said in the program Flor de Equipo .

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