Celia Lora was imprisoned during the moment, which caused her to have the worst days of her life.

Celia Lora, the daughter of singer and musician Lex Lora and Chela Lora, is a youtuber and playmate who is also one of the Mexican superstars with the most social media followers.

The Time That Celia Lora Was In Jail And That Led Her To Experience The Worst Days Of Her Life Instagram Photo

However, some of his fans may be unaware that he spent years in prison, which scarred his life and that he does not wish to remember.

Celia Lora was arrested by Mexico City police and accused of running over and killing a man while allegedly driving while intoxicated, for which she was condemned to death.

Such news sparked a lot of debate in Mexico’s entertainment scene at the time when it was revealed that the daughter of the famous Alex Lora and Chela Lora had killed someone for allegedly going too fast and “taking something.”

Celia Lora was imprisoned for 99 days before being released from the Santa Marta women’s prison on Thursday, August 26, 2010, after paying a bond of 20,000 pesos.

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According to media reports, the criminal judge 30 condemned him to four years and nine months in prison for aggravated manslaughter, but he was released on bail due to the appeals submitted.

With this sad occurrence, Celia Lora Garca had the worst minutes and days of her life and was able to transcend the bitter drink that occurred; in fact, she has never wanted to touch on the subject since she does not want to recall it.

Celia Lora, 37, originally from Mexico City, recently appeared on the Telemundo reality show La Casa de los Famosos and has established herself as a model and influencer.

Celia Lora, Lex Lora’s daughter, reveals her cleavage in PHOTO following the “tinsmith shop” to which she surrendered.

Lex Lora’s daughter has also been in reality shows such as Acapulco Shore, a show on MTV and Paramount Plus, El Inframundo, La Isla, and Lucky Ladies.

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