Carolina Sandoval shows off daring red swimsuit

Venezuelan Carolina Sandoval shows off her body in a daring red swimsuit and highlights how proud she is to be a mother

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Carolina Sandoval is one of the most active celebrities on social networks, and she likes to show off every moment of her life and enjoy her family, and a sample of them is the recent video she published on her Instagram account , where she claims to be a mother and enjoy your daughters.

But also, one of the things that the so-called Poisonous enjoys the most is showing off her body and her curves, whether in daring bikinis or bathing suits, or with ultra-tight clothes.

And in one of her recent videos, Sandoval talks about how proud she is to be a mother and how happy she is to be with her daughters.

“They make me young,” says Sandoval

“My loves, they accelerate my beautiful heart, they make me young,” said Sandoval, with the song “Accelerate my heart” by the singer Raúl Alejandro as the background.

While she wears a daring red bathing suit, the one that boasts for all the high things openly, very much in her style, and for what has been harshly criticized, the former Venezuelan television presenter.

“These girls make me young, they make my heart race, they give me enthusiasm, they allow me to move on,” says “La Venenosa”.

Enjoy a vacation with your daughters

While Sandoval is recording his video, he proudly shows his daughters, while they enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

“They allow me to get ahead. Do not leave anything for tomorrow, not a second let pass to tell him that you love him, today in the present, enjoy that life is beautiful with everything and its difficulties, “says the Venezuelan ex-presenter.

In addition to the video where she shows off her voluptuous body, the former driver also wrote a message dedicated to her daughters.

“They speed up my heartbeat”

“They make my heart beat faster, as if I always know what they feel and think,” says one of the lines on Carolina Sandoval’s Instagram account.

It is not limited in praise for its offspring.

“They accelerate my collagen production 😂 they are my injection of constant youth,” says the Venezuelan.

“They accelerate my desire to see new places, new adventures … they are my everything”, ends Sandoval’s text.

Sandoval with his daughters on their vacations

In the images, Sandoval walks by a pool, wearing a large hat and wearing large sunglasses.

The youngest of her daughters wears the same a hat to cover herself from the sun and a nice white dress.

Carolina loves to feel sexy at all times and this time she wears a red French-cut swimsuit that lets her show off her legs.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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