Addison Rae surprises her fans with a short and glued dress in pink

American Addison Rae captivated her followers on social networks by posing with a cute pink dress

American Addison Rae Captivated Her Followers On Social Networks By Posing With A Cute Pink Dress

The American influencer  has become a celebrity on social networks and continues to captivate her followers in each of her publications, be it with her dances on Tik Tok or her images shared on Instagram.

Addison Rae has become one of the most followed girls on Tik Tok thanks to its content reaching more than 81.5 million followers delighting them with her dances and other occurrences.

The 20-year-old girl who does not miss an opportunity to delight her followers with her beauty, has shown a somewhat striking outfit by wearing a short pink blouse-type dress wearing black glasses.

“100% Angel” , wrote Rae accompanying the publication of four photographs with the daring outfit, showing her beautiful figure, performing different poses also taking out her most sensual part.

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As is already a custom in the publications of the American girl, it was a sensation, reaching more than two million 200 thousand likes, in addition to more than six thousand comments in which the compliments for the beautiful girl were immediate.

Addison Rae has become a celebrity on social networks thanks to her publications, showing part of her daily life and highlighting her beauty, in addition to being one of Tik Tok’s darlings, in addition to reaching more than 38.5 million followers on Instagram.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

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