Adabel Guerrero danced with a tiny bikini and the temperature rose in the middle of winter

The dancer heated the nets with a very playful look.

Adabel Guerrero Danced With A Tiny Bikini And The Temperature Rose In The Middle Of Winter

Multifaceted and bright. Since its appearance in the media, Adabel Guerrero has not stopped overcoming and taking on new challenges that, in such a changing and rotating industry, have always managed to keep it current.

Adabel Guerrero

For a long time, it has shone in that success of José María Muscari that is “Sex” and, furthermore, this year it surprised everyone with its participation in “El Gran Premio de la Cocina” ( ElTrece ). The program led by Carina Zampini decided to include two celebrities in the current season, and one of them is the dancer, who has already managed to surprise the gastronomic jury on more than one occasion with her culinary skills.

She is also always very active in networks, where she shows a little of everything: some of her work, many looks and, of course, some commercial publications, as is common today among prominent figures and thousands of followers.

Adabel Guerrero Instagram

On this occasion, the dancer recommended a product but found a very particular way to do it and that, without a doubt, captured everyone’s attention. Giant glass in hand, Adabel danced to the rhythm of “Trakatá” , by Ptazeta, Juacko and Farina, and faced the low temperatures of July.

“Shall we dance?”, She wrote next to the Instagram reel , in which she is seen moving with self-confidence and with a super-played set . The actress chose a black colaless micro bikini with a top whose fiery print put heat to the publication. Of course: very warm feet with warm winter boots.


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