Actor reveals he was with 250 women throughout his career

At just 25 years old, porn actor reveals he has been with 250 women during his career as an adult actor

Actor reveals he was with 250 women throughout his career
Actor reveals he was with 250 women throughout his career

Through a video shared on social networks, the young actor revealed that he has been with 250 women, since he started in the porn film industry, when he was only 18 years old.

The pornstar, known as “El Niño Polla”, has great fame inside and outside of Spain, his native country, for being one of the youngest actors in the industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that he has hundreds of followers on YouTube, where he gives advice and answers questions from users.

One of the questions asked of the 25-year-old actor is about the number of sexual partners he has had throughout his career. This was answered in 2017, with the exorbitant number of 250, taking into consideration that at that time he had only four years in the industry, so the current number of women with whom he has shared the scene must be much higher.

Although this number seems to be very high, in reality it is not; Well, in 2018, Nacho Vidal revealed that he was with about 3,000 women during his time in the industry.

I have come to earn a thousand euros in an hour (20 thousand 550 pesos) but it is a lie that I have earned 350 thousand euros in a week (7 million 192 thousand 430 pesos), “said the actor.

Jordi, as he also calls himself “El Niño Polla”, revealed that his first time was at 17 years old, he has plans to become a director and start a stable family later on.

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