15 Things that all couples should do before having children


Generations and marriage have changed with the passage of time, and today couples expect more from their younger years. From trips, experiences and learning that cause them to never stop being surprised and continue learning along the way. Undoubtedly, each relationship is different, and it is notable that the desire to live longer in a relationship is greater than the desire to have a child.

So if you are one of these couples who decided to live together but wait a while before making your family bigger, we want to give you these ideas that you should consider before this happens. Inspire your partner with these 15 goals that every mature relationship must meet before deciding to have a baby.

15 Things that all couples should do before having children

1. Adopt a dog

Having the experience of living as a family giving your love and care to a puppy will be of the best stages that will live as a couple before deciding to have children.

2. Be spontaneous when having sex

Undoubtedly, in each and every one of the corners that are possible, explore your privacy and each of the things that attracts them to each other.

3. Enjoy the silences together

When the children come to your life there will be a lot of movement, controlled chaos between laughter and tears, but above all a lot of life in your home. For the moment enjoy all the moments spent doing something or nothing in silence but in the company of the other.

4. Take your time to indulge

All those things that make them feel like they are taking care of themselves, whether it’s going to the gym together, or an afternoon in a spa between relaxing massages and a sauna.

5. Spend time with the children of others

Be the best dudes in your family, or just adopt for a day the children of your dearest friends. Take advantage of the experience of approaching together step by step towards fatherhood.

6. Open savings accounts for the future

Make savings accounts where they can save money that they have and leave them a fund they can count on in the future; either for when they decide to have a child or important future plans that also have contemplated perform.

7. Enjoy being “adult-children”

Enjoy buying video games, toys, children’s movies and dolls. All the things that they like the most and that the child that each one has inside will never stop loving. Be the best friends among you and do not stop enjoying the little things that are most fun in your relationship.

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