This is the meaning of the symbols of Goku’s uniform

This is the meaning of the symbols of Gokus uniform
This is the meaning of the symbols of Gokus uniform

After many years of mystery, the true meaning of the symbols of the most famous manga in the world, Goku, that will surprise the fans, comes to light.

This is the meaning of the symbols of Goku's uniform

Goku became the most beloved character on television. Millions of followers of the Japanese manga existing in the world and have been following it for many years, but do you know the meaning of the symbols of the uniform of each of the drawings? Next we will give you to know some details of each of the manga.

The “Kame” is the best known. This kanji is from Master Roshi who we saw at the beginning of the series, which means “Turtle”, given and used by all students of Master Roshi Goku, Krillin and Yamcha, so they were witnessed in many funny moments of these three friends .

Another of the symbols is “Tsuru”. The logo of the rival master of Roshi, tsuru, means “crane”. It is derived from the symbols of the word Martial Arts.

The teacher Mutaito, who sealed Piccoro Dai Ma ku with the mafuba, also used a “Mu” logo. This symbol has been used for the martial arts tournament and means “warrior” or “military”.

“Chǎofàn” is a style of fried rice and in the series is the name of an extraterrestrial who wants to conquer the world with the dragonballs. What your label means is “fried rice”.

Another of the names seen in the series is “Raku.” At the beginning of the series, Yamcha carried that kanji in his clothes. What it means is “comfort”. Later he will use the turtle school. “Kami” means “God” and that is just what the kanji says that uses both the original Kami-sama and Dende.

Finally “Son” This is the symbol used by the Son Goku family (Son, is the surname of Goku, Gohan and Goten). This means “offspring”.

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