Why is it important to measure the abdominal girth?

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We are going to talk about abdominal perimeter, we are not going to talk about sewing or tailoring, and pay attention because what we are going to analyze is truly important.

You already know that obesity and being overweight is bad for your health. However, how that weight is distributed on the body matters more than the weight itself. Someone who is overweight can have it distributed peripherally, that is, in the arms, legs, thighs; or centrally.

What does it mean that being overweight is centrally concentrated? This means that the largest volume of those kilos is in the belly, in the abdominal areal. When that happens, abdominal volume increases and visceral fat accumulates within the abdomen.

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Visceral Fat Increases The Chances Of Suffering From Cholesterol, Conditions Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, And Thrombosis (Getty Images)

The accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen has a greater impact on health than fat distributed in the arms, legs, and thighs. Why is it more harmful to our health? Because visceral fat increases cholesterol, triglycerides, conditions type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and thrombosis.

These are all the pathologies that can cause the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. At any time at home, your doctors can measure this accumulation to see if you have excess fat. Because as we said, not only the weight, the abdominal girth is important.

How is abdominal girth measured? It is calculated with a centimeter, as simple as that. The meter should be placed at the level of the navel before one must breathe in normally and release the air, and it is necessary to leave the abdomen relaxed. Can’t get a belly, please don’t cheat. After exhaling the air, we must wrap the waist with the centimeter to know our abdominal perimeter.

What are healthy values? The values that we have to bear in mind: if a woman has a waist circumference greater than 88 centimeters is excess abdominal fat, that is to say, visceral fat that conditions future diseases. This accumulation increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions almost double. In the case of men, with a girth greater than 102 centimeters, show excess visceral fat.

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The Abdominal Girth Should Not Exceed 88 Centimeters In Women Or 102 Centimeters In Men (Getty Images)

In conclusion, if breathing in and out, the abdominal perimeter is measured at the level of the navel and, in the case of a woman it exceeds 88 centimeters and, in the case of a man, it exceeds 102 centimeters, there is an excess of visceral fat. This accumulation is a trigger for cardiovascular risk and multiple diseases.

The most important thing is that this measurement can be done at home, with a simple centimeter. If there is excess visceral fat, it is very important to see a doctor to assess general health, initiate treatment to achieve a healthy weight, and examine for other ongoing or incipient illnesses.

Abdominal fat in women

If a person eats too much and exercises too little, they are likely to be overweight, including belly fat. Also, muscle mass tends to decrease slightly with age, while fat increases. Losing muscle mass also slows the rate at which your body uses calories, which can make it harder to maintain a healthy weight.

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If The Abdominal Girth Exceeds The Recommended Measures, It Is Necessary To Consult A Doctor For A General Check-Up And Start A Treatment (Getty)

Many women also notice an increase in belly fat as they age, if they are not gaining weight. This is probably due to a decrease in the level of estrogen, which appears to influence where fat is distributed in the body.

The problem with abdominal fat is that it is not limited to the extra layer of padding located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat), but also includes visceral fat, which is found on the inside of the abdomen, around the internal organs and Although subcutaneous fat poses cosmetic problems, visceral fat is linked to much more dangerous health problems.

For all this, it is necessary to consult a health professional if the abdominal girth exceeds 88 centimeters in the case of women and 102 centimeters in the case of men.


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