Why do you have a greasy face and how to avoid it?

The excess of sebum on the face can be due to various factors of your day to day. Find out why your face looks oily and what to do to control the shine

acne facial mask
acne facial mask

That your face has a natural glow is synonymous with healthy skin, however, when you notice that excess fat is oozing or you feel more oily than normal it could be a sign that something is happening.

There are people who have oily skin, therefore, it is natural to have that shiny appearance on the face. However, feeling the skin with oiliness or with enlarged pores can be uncomfortable. What could be happening? Next, we share some theories.

Dehydration: the Spanish portal Nutrition, health, and beauty refer that this is a problem common to all skin types and oily skin also dehydrates. The skin is fat because it has an excess of lipids and when these are dehydrated are unable to retain water, therefore, it generates more sebum and is less protected.

How to know if your skin is dehydrated?

It will have a shiny appearance (like that of oily skin), but at the same time with peeling on top of the eyebrows and nostrils. It usually looks tired and with red areas or irritations.

Excess cleaning: you should know that your skin has a natural oil that is not bad because it protects you from wrinkles and environmental aggressions: wind, sun, and dust. However, you should not exceed the number of times the skin is cleaned. The sebaceous glands could receive the wrong message and produce even more fat. Cleaning your face two or three times is enough. Avoid astringents with a lot of alcohol because when you dry the skin, the glands react producing more oil.

Poor nutrition or overweight: if you regularly eat sausages or fatty meats, this skin and other foods can cause you to have a fatty complexion.

Hormonal disease: Diabetes, polycystic ovaries or thyroid problems can cause oily skin.

Stress: this can also be one of the causes and responsible for the sebaceous glands working more than ideally causing an unwanted shine.

Lack of sleep: appears especially when we sleep a few hours or the quality of rest is not the most appropriate.

What to do to control the oiliness?

Drink water: it is important to be hydrated. If you drink enough water, you will notice that your skin looks healthy and without excess fat.
Good nutrition: lower the quota of chocolates and fried foods. Avoid processed foods with excess fat. Eat fruits and vegetables.
Rest: sleep your eight hours.
Use products according to your skin type: excess fat also appears when you use creams that do not match your age. Identify your skin type and use the most appropriate products.
Clean your skin with warm water and with ascending circular movements massaging around the face.
If during the day you start to see that the brightness invades your face, always carry some rice leaves in your bag.
Mattifying powders: if you have an important meeting, you can use them. But, place them with a thick brush at strategic points such as Zone T (front, nose, and chin) and with small taps. Of course, as soon as you finish, clean your face, staying all day with makeup can damage your skin.
Go to a dermatologist: if you notice an excess of fat, it is better to go to the specialist and rule out a bigger problem.

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