The 15 best foods to burn fat

Have less belly and lose weight thanks to spicy or green tea? It seems magic, but it is science.

15 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight 730x487
15 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight 730x487

Green tea contains an antioxidant polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate. This compound, in addition to being a potent anticancer, fights white fat, which is what tends to accumulate in the abdomen and puts the heart at risk. Choose well. Commercial beverages with green tea extract, which also carry sugar or sweetener, are not valid. To make it fat burning you must prepare it with leaf tea and without sugar. Take 4 cups a day to get the best results. You will lose 700 g in a month.

The calcium in yogurt helps the body metabolize fat better and reduces the creation of new fat deposits. To absorb it better, take a yogurt out of the meals and with a good handful of red fruits (its anthocyanins will enhance the fat burning effect).

Oil (that is, fat) to burn fat? It is not a contradiction if you eat foods rich in “good” fats you will make it easier for the body to eliminate white fat and replace it with brown fat, a type of body fat that helps burn more calories because it is responsible for maintaining the body temperature. Among all good fats, we recommend olive oil because it has been shown to activate brown fat.

Take them once a week for three reasons: they contain iron that facilitates the combustion of fat; Vitamin B12 is essential to convert fat into energy and vitamin B3 which also helps burn fat. That does avoid cooking them with very fatty ingredients such as chorizo.

It contains capsaicin, the substance responsible for itching. When you take it your body temperature rises and, to do so, your metabolism burns the reserve fats. The peppers richest in capsaicin are the habanero pepper, the date pepper, the cayenne pepper, the serrano pepper, and the jalapeño. The chili pepper and Padrón peppers also contain; Those who sting, of course.

The turkey is very rich in vitamin B12, the authentic vitamin burns fat, which you only find in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. You are interested in obtaining it in sufficient doses of light and lean foods such as turkey.

According to this study from the University of Barcelona, ​​eating 30 g of nuts every day for 12 weeks reduces abdominal fat. Which already constitutes a good reason to include them in the daily diet. But in addition, the nuts are satiating and help reduce our blood glucose levels. To take advantage of all these benefits, take 5 nuts a day.

Eat them with the skin to increase the dose of fiber and ursolic acid. These compounds cause the entire digestive process to be slower and the metabolism to increase its effectiveness in extracting the energy and nutrients from the food. This way you increase the number of calories you consume even without moving. If you can, choose organic apples free of pesticides.

It seems incredible, but chocolate – although it contains monounsaturated fat – helps burn belly fat. Of course, to benefit from these effects, the chocolate you choose must have a high cocoa content (at least 85%). So you know, you can treat yourself to eating an ounce every day after meals.

This traditional Mexican recipe is attributed to beneficial effects on the metabolism of fats. You only have to crush and mix 1/4 of tender onion, 2 avocados, lime juice, 1/4 tomato, and cilantro. Add Chile Serrano to cubits (in the quantity that you like, as it is very spicy) to enhance the effect.

After eating broccoli, the body transforms its sulfur compounds into an anticancer substance called sulforofan. This same substance initiates a chemical reaction that leads to burning fat. To take full advantage of the broccoli’s nutrients, do not boil it too much. Ideally, you cook the florets for only three minutes. Sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, lightly toasted garlic and paprika. Healthy and delicious

The natural medicine attributes to the lemon a detoxifying capacity on the liver. In this way it allows you to perform your functions better, among which are digest and burn fat, preventing them from accumulating in the belly. What is not proven is that drinking water with lemon in fasting helps eliminate toxins. There is no serious study that has proven it.

You can use it as a substitute for sugar in coffee. Its aroma is due to a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which has the ability to promote the removal of abdominal fat, the least healthy. It also lowers insulin production and blood sugar levels.

The red color is due to lycopene, a substance that stimulates the production of the amino acid carnitine, which in turn favors the combustion of fats. You can prepare a juice with 1 tomato, two oranges, and honey. The vitamin C of the fruit enhances the effect of lycopene.

Very rich in fiber, which “drags” fat, and in omega 3, which is related to having a lower body fat index. So that your body absorbs well its nutrients and that they do not cross the digestive tract whole it is important that the molars before consuming them.

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