What is an aneurysm and how to treat it?

This malformation in the cerebral arteries is usually congenital and can cause a stroke. What are the recommendations to prevent it

Cerebral Aneurysm
What is an aneurysm and how to treat it?

What is an aneurysm? You have heard many times that a person had a stroke from an aneurysm or had an abdominal aneurysm of the abdominal aorta or an aneurysm of the thoracic or another aorta.

An aneurysm is a dilation of an artery. Artery is a straight conduit, like the hose you use to water your garden, that’s its normal shape. Now, if it dilates and forms a small balloon, that is called an aneurysm.

What is the problem that causes an aneurysm? Why is that artery, that aneurysm, ruptured and bleed? To begin with, because if the walls of the duct are dilated, they will end up thinning, and due to the arterial pressure, it is more likely that this artery can rupture.

An aneurysm ruptures, for example, due to increased blood pressure. This is precisely why it is necessary to carry out health checks and checks. Of course, health exams must always be carried out, to prevent this and other diseases. Keeping blood pressure at normal levels and controlling blood pressure are key. However, it is necessary to know that aneurysms are from birth what is called congenital.

Brain 1
Although The Aneurysm Is A Congenital Disorder, Maintaining Healthy Habits Can Prevent Complications (Gettyimages)

Recommendations to prevent aneurysm

– Take health exams

– Maintain normal blood pressure

– Control blood pressure

What chance do I have of having an aneurysm? I do not know, except that I do a special study in all the arteries of the body which is something that is not usually done. What is true is that when a person has an aneurysm, it requires immediate attention, but siblings, for example, are studied. Because as the aneurysm has a genetic component, it is more likely that a brother or direct relative of someone who has had an aneurysm can suffer it.

The danger of having an aneurysm is that if the malformation grows too large it could burst and cause a hemorrhagic stroke (hemorrhagic stroke).

Aneurisma Cerebral Tratamiento
Stent Technique For Aneurysm Treatment (Photo: Medtronic)

It is estimated that between 1 and 5% of the population have brain aneurysms and, without treatment, many of them can cause premature death. When a rupture or infection occurs, an aneurysm can cause extremely severe headaches, vomiting, or loss of consciousness and require urgent medical attention before bleeding occurs.

Some symptoms that serve to detect the presence of this abnormal arterial widening can be a more drooping eyelid than the other, double or blurred vision, pain in the eye area, having a single dilated pupil, numbness on one side face, among others.

At present, therapeutic procedures have evolved and are already available for any aneurysm, either by open surgery or through endovascular procedures, which are less invasive, whereby stents are placed accessing peripherally to the location of the aneurysm.

If a brain aneurysm ruptures, it becomes an emergency and medical attention must be immediate. In the case the diagnosis is achieved through consultation and subsequent medical check-ups, there are more treatment options.


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