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The time I give you: the Spanish series told in 12-minute episodes

The story, which is told in an innovative way, traces the life of a couple on the verge of separating

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The time I give you: the Spanish series told in 12-minute episodes

The time I give you (Netflix) is one of those small series that does not intend great things except to tell a story. Something that is close and known to us. It is one of the newest fictions on the platform, released on October 29 without fanfare or cymbals. With an assembly and edition that collaborate with the accuracy of a Swiss watch, The Time I Give You is an excellent series to marathon and, why not, to watch as a couple.

Nadia de Santiago (The Cable Girls) is Lina and Álvaro Cervantes (Crazy about her) is Nico. They both work in an all-inclusive style hotel while pursuing their university degrees. They are a couple like any other, who know each other, fall in love and one day they realize that nothing unites them anymore. “The person you fell in love with no longer exists,” is heard saying in the first episode.

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Nadia De Santiago Is Lina And Álvaro Cervantes Is Nico: A Couple In Crisis

The routine is cornering them and the obligations of each one are driving them further and further away. It is a romantic story but full of potholes and fears and that shows that sometimes not everything is love. The ages of the characters (about twenty-long ) is a condiment that does not play much in their favor since both are in that personal search to find something that really fulfills them and that will become the great decision of their own lives.

Who are Lina and Nico? Two ordinary people. We can be us, or our friends, or our parents, and that is the turning point that this series has. A simple story of close people who allow us to recognize ourselves in it. A story of love (and heartbreak) is told harmoniously without background violins or strident music. The lack of communication does not take long to arrive and the reproaches are happening as, through flashbacks, we see how it all began. The series raises a great particularity: it is only 10 episodes with a novel duration, between 12 and 17 minutes each. Thus, it can be perceived as a great film told in small fragments that follow one another as a final story.

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Lina And Nico When Everything Was Love And Harmony

The series was created by collaborations of Nadia de Santiago with Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián . The actress was asked in an interview about the duration of the episodes that are uncharacteristically short: “We’re going so fast that we don’t have time for more. I think it can work and it is also very interesting because if you see them in a row, it is a movie. As a movie or as a series, I think it is a format that can work very well”, clarified the 31-year-old actress from Madrid who was also part of the cast of Amar es para siempre. And Nadia does not lie. The format is innovative and perhaps lays the foundations for other fictions to dare to imitate it. Because ultimately what the viewer does not have is time, but they do want to see a good and novel story.

“Personal stories and personal relationships have always caught our attention and topics such as abandonment or loss as well,” adds Nadia, who points to the idea of de-dramatizing love stories. As in any breakup, the stages of mourning say present and thus anger, pain, the well of being alone, and the reconstruction of each one separately occurs. The cast is completed with supporting roles Cala Zavaleta (Bells at night)Nico Romero (La Fortuna), Carla Linares (Drama), and Moussa Echarif (La Unidad).


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