What Are Immediate Loading Implants?

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Having perfect teeth is extremely important. The teeth facilitate the digestion process. They make it possible to chew food, an essential action so that food can be digested more efficiently, that is, to take better advantage of all the nutrients that exist in food.

But, in addition, the teeth are the main element of the smile, which is one of the aesthetic features that we give the most importance to. There is no doubt that having perfect teeth favorably affects our health, both physical and psychological.

But the passage of time and poor hygiene habits contribute to many people having dental problems. Different circumstances cause teeth to fall out, thus affecting our diet and our appearance. Until recently, a person with missing or faulty teeth had to settle for that look or turn to removable dentures. Today, dental implants have revolutionized the oral health world. If you have dental problems, perhaps the new technique of immediate loading dental implants is the perfect solution for you.

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Anyone who lacks one, several or all teeth, or who has them very deteriorated, can find a perfect solution in dental implantology. A dental implant is a device that is placed in the maxillary bone (jaw) and consists of a small screw inserted into the bone, which acts as the dental root, and a fixed bridge (also called a sleeve) attached to the screw.

The end result is a new, perfect looking and fully functional tooth. Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials, so there is no rejection by the patient’s body.

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What are immediate loading dental implants?

Immediate loading implantology consists of setting the number of implants that the patient needs through several phases . First, a preliminary study is carried out that includes X-rays, molds and other kinds of tests to know the state of the patient’s mouth and select the most suitable type of prosthesis. The study has digital techniques and computer software that make a 3D map of the patient’s mouth ; Thus, the dentist has all the necessary information, such as the anatomical structures of the patient’s mouth, the position of the roots and teeth, the amount of bone it has and its quality, etc., to make the diagnosis.

In the case in which the patient can opt for immediate loading implants, a small intervention must be performed under local anesthesia. In it, the number of implants that need to be replaced are inserted into the corresponding bone (lower and / or upper jaw). Next, the transepithelial abutments that serve as the basis for the dental prosthesis are placed on the implants .

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After performing all these actions, a new mold of the patient’s mouth is made to manufacture a provisional dental prosthesis, which will be ready in a few hours, between 12 and 24 hours. When done, the prosthesis is placed on top of the implants. The advantage of this prosthesis is that it is not fixed above the gums , therefore the patient will not experience pain and will be able to eat and smile normally as soon as they leave the dentist’s office.

The final prosthesis will take between three and six months to manufacture. When it is done, the prosthesis that the patient is wearing will be removed and the definitive one will be fixed, which will adapt perfectly to their oral anatomy.

Who can opt for immediate loading dental implants?

Not all patients can opt for this type of dental implant. To be a candidate for receiving an immediate loading implant, the patient must meet a series of characteristics that can only be determined by the study previously carried out by the dentist. However, it is patients who have little jaw bone who are more favorable to being able to get this type of implant.

Dental Implants

What are the advantages of immediate loading implants?

Immediate loading implantology has a very high success rate among patients, as it has a number of important advantages over other types of dental prostheses.

  • Load-bearing implants improve the bone interface condition , since, when implants with immediate load are placed, biological reactions are generated that favor the healing process, also causing restructuring in the recipient bone.
  • The waiting time for the placement of the final prosthesis is considerably reduced. Thanks to the provisional prosthesis that is placed the same day that the patient attends the consultation, he can instantly enjoy a normal denture until the final prosthesis is manufactured.
  • This provisional prosthesis also favors the adaptation period . When the patient has their final teeth, they will have passed the process of the new change.
  • Also, the technique used to place the immediate loading implants is very exact and precise . In this way, it is not necessary to damage the gingiva in excess, since the location where the implant should go before the intervention is known thanks to the previous studies carried out.
  • With immediate loading implants the postoperative is much easier , the patient will hardly notice pain or edema will appear. Of course, you should eat a soft diet for the first two months to ensure that dental implants are set perfectly.
  • Getting a perfect smile back is easier than ever. Now you have the opportunity to get a new denture easily and, above all, in record time. Put yourself in the expert hands of a trusted dental professional and enjoy a new denture. Remember: if you do not know any professional who practices this type of technique, contact us and we will help you find the one closest to you.
  • It is also necessary for the patient to carry out exhaustive oral hygiene on a regular basis (especially after placement). If you are a smoker, you will not be able to smoke until the healing process is complete.

In short, immediate loading dental implants provide both aesthetic, functional and psychological advantages for the patient, making their life much better from the moment they leave the consultation.

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