The ABCs Of Anti-Cellulite Treatments: The Tandem Of Pressotherapy And Cavitation

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Anti Cellulite Treatments
anti cellulite treatments

In addition to having a balanced diet, combining treatments to reduce cellulite works! Discover the non-invasive treatments that will help you eliminate orange peel skin.

Wearing beautiful legs during the hottest months is one of the main purposes of the female gender. And when the thermometer invites you to take a good dip, any innovative method is ideal to be perfect just in time. Cellulite has become in recent years one of the main aesthetic enemies of women, since, as experience shows, it can appear in any type of person and can even resist most diets. It is not directly related to being overweight nor is it hidden whenever we lose weight, since it is located in the upper part of the skin and not in the fatty tissue that is lost when undergoing a strict regimen.

Causes of cellulite

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In itself, the appearance of cellulite is the product of poor circulation experienced by the body, which in turn causes fluid retention. Hence, the body cannot eliminate all those toxins that are manufactured daily through the cells. This accumulation is what gives rise to the generation of fibrous tracts that, attached to the superficial layers of the skin, push it inwards while the agglomerated liquid pushes it out. The dreaded orange peel, then, today constitutes one of the most difficult aesthetic dilemmas to eliminate.

However, although it seems that the battle against cellulite is more than given up, there are numerous methods that, together with basic dietary recommendations and an appropriate list of localized exercises, can help improve the body’s circulation. Fighting cellulite is a matter of patience, perseverance and many doses of firmness.

Suction and pressure, the ABCs of anti-cellulite treatments

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One of the most used techniques in beauty salons to reactivate the circulatory system and thus avoid the accumulation of adipose tissues is undoubtedly pressotherapy . By performing a specialized massage, which applies pressure to different parts of the body, circulation is stimulated and all those toxins accumulated in our body are eliminated. The treatment, which is carried out by incorporating a series of compression sleeves into the extremities, consists of the metered injection of pressurized air in the areas to be treated. This force exerted, aided by the upward movements of the therapist on the skin, is what reproduces the lymphatic path and thus improves circulation.

Currently, there are many beauty centers that offer as a result of success the combination of this procedure with a method that acts more firmly on localized fatty deposits: cavitation . A technique that, while helping to improve the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic system, increases the tone and elasticity of the tissues and eliminates excess toxins. Vacuum microbubbles are generated on the skin by means of an intelligent roller, which can treat buttocks, legs or abdomen, which in turn produce modulated ultrasonic waves. These are the ones that carry out cavitation, when they collide with the adipose cells to permanently release their fat.

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Pressotherapy and cavitation are presented as the perfect tandem to combat cellulite effectively. In the first place because, in addition to being non-invasive or surgical techniques, they can prevent the cells from reabsorbing fat. And secondly, regardless of its price, which can range between € 40 and € 50 per combined session, because its effects are quickly perceived.

Cellulite dies … by mouth!

Truths and lies like temples are those that surround the poor metabolization of fats under the skin. Neither cellulite can disappear forever nor does frequent exercise eliminate it, although a non-sedentary life and a balanced diet can help prepare a body ten for the summer holidays. In this sense, it is essential not to abuse salt or sugar in food . In the specific case of salt, since it is a condiment that favors fluid retention.

Does Fat Freezing Just Treat Cellulite? Or Dies Fat Freezing Get Rid Of Cellulite? — Beautiful Body Clinics

Vitamin C, number one against cellulite

But if there is an element that can help fight poor circulation of the body that is none other than Vitamin C . Concentrated in many of the fruits and vegetables that are within our reach, such as citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, peppers and tomatoes, its properties help to improve collagen in the wall of blood vessels. Combined with a moderate intake of nuts, soybeans and oil, rich in Vitamin E, the microcirculation of the skin improves considerably, thus reducing the appearance of adipose tissue.

On the other hand, one of the foods that cannot be missing from the list of tools to combat cellulite is watermelon . Thanks to its low caloric content and its high water content, it has become the ideal fruit for diuretic diets in recent years. In addition to promoting rapid digestion and the elimination of fat, watermelon helps to eliminate liquids and toxins and to purify estrogens. Prepared in a shake or consumed naturally, which is how it best preserves its properties, it becomes one of the best natural antioxidants on the market.

Reducing creams, better at night

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To help eliminate cellulite it is essential to be constant in the use of products that can keep the accumulation of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body at bay. Anti-cellulite and firming creams, made up of draining active ingredients, help to facilitate the elimination of liquids and unclog the tissues. The skin is much more receptive at night, so the result improves if it is applied before going to sleep and through a good massage, which will not only favor the absorption of the product, but also help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. of the treated area.

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