Cavitation, An Alternative To Liposuction

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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Many people with obesity disorder find themselves in a dilemma that prevents them from taking the correct solution to lose weight.

People come across diets that promise great results but are not effective in the long run: various drugs that are sold to lose weight but are unsafe, different very expensive treatments, in addition to liposuction, a more extreme alternative although well known and respected .

Cavitation appears throughout this hieroglyph , a new aesthetic treatment that promises to achieve the expected results in just a few sessions and at an affordable price . The principle by which cavitation works involves the controlled and repeated generation of micro bubbles under vacuum in a given fluid, which then implode. In this way, it is possible to break the most difficult fat structures that other equipment cannot eliminate. The fat is diluted and is eliminated by the same urine naturally and without problems.


Today there are different types of cavitation. On the one hand we have the traditional cavitation or also the so-called stable cavitation , which works in the aforementioned way, and is a very remarkable alternative to avoid liposuction , being also useful for the treatment of cellulite and fatty tissue with excellent results .

The next option is double cavitation , which works in a similar way to the previous one, but with the effective treatment that produces two waves that have differentiated frequencies that complement each other, and in this way they also manage to generate the aforementioned micro bubbles and an increase in temperature in the region where they are applied, with the consequent liquefaction of the fat. As before, the excess fat passes into a liquid form and is eliminated naturally through the same urine without any problem.

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Finally, ultracavitation is available, which involves low-frequency ultrasound , which manages to break the adipose tissue without damaging the microcirculation, at the same time that it improves blood irrigation.

The duration of each treatment is 35 minutes, although the work is carried out in a certain area in each session. In general, between 6 and 12 sessions are necessary, although a minimum of 6 to 10 is recommended to achieve the best results, thus guaranteeing a long-term duration.

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