Options For Dental Reconstruction

dental reconstruction
dental reconstruction

Strong, resistant, aligned and complete teeth not only fulfill an aesthetic task, but also perform functional and dental health work. A broken or damaged tooth does not fulfill its function since it does not allow food to be chewed well and, in addition, it is an exponential source of cavities and oral dirt due to the remains of food that accumulate in it.

Therefore, when we have a damaged tooth due to a blow or due to wear and tear caused by everyday use, the ideal option is to perform a dental reconstruction.

dental reconstruction

Types of dental reconstruction

When making a dental reconstruction we can distinguish between two types s : dental reconstruction dental reconstruction direct and indirect.

  • Direct dental reconstruction . In this case, the treatment consists of covering the damaged part of the tooth with liquid (usually with resin or glass ionomer). This technique is faster and less invasive, although it is a lower quality solution. Composite reconstruction would be found in these types of treatment.
  • Indirect dental reconstruction . Indirect dental reconstruction consists of covering the damaged parts of the tooth with materials and molds made to measure for each patient. This solution requires several consultations, since the teeth have to be made to measure, and it is a solution that in the long term will offer better results. Indirect dental reconstruction techniques encompass reconstruction treatments with veneers and crowns or covers.

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Materials for dental reconstruction

There are many materials that can be used when performing a dental reconstruction. The use of one or the other will depend, first of all, on the type of damage suffered by the tooth. Second, the use of one material or another also has to do with the treatment chosen for dental reconstruction . In general, the main materials used for these treatments are:

  • Resins . Composite resins are high quality materials generally used when indirect tooth reconstruction occurs. The resin is used to fill the cavities produced in the tooth.
  • Glass ionomer . This material is usually used as a substitute for resins, although it is true that generally only when the gap to be filled is small and is far from the chewing areas.
  • Ceramics . When it comes to indirect treatments, the preferred option for dentists is the use of ceramics due to their resistance and appearance once placed on the tooth. These ceramics are used as a cover that covers the damaged parts of the tooth and are custom designed for each client.

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