When did Anthony Anderson disappear? The latest viral weight-loss photo prompts a health investigation

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Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson

Comedian and actor Anthony Anderson recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The newest episode of the show garnered a lot of interest as Anderson spoke about the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

He published a picture of himself on Instagram where it seemed like he had lost some weight. The picture prompted alarm among netizens, who were scared that he might be sick.

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Anthony Anderson has been suffering with Type 2 diabetes for roughly 20 years now. In order to keep the disease in check, he had to make some lifestyle modifications, which resulted to him losing weight, hence explaining his appearance in the picture.

However, the picture was also praised by a few as they were thrilled with his weight loss, considering that it has been a huge problem for him throughout his life.

Anthony Anderson: It'S Time To Get Real About Diabetes


In a 2022 interview with Essence, Anderson claimed that his diabetes diagnosis came in the wake of his incredibly hectic schedule during the zenith of his career, due to which he was ignorant of what he was ingesting.

He recalls getting thirsty one evening and sensing something strange in his body. To quench his thirst, he sipped some water, but instantly felt the urge to use the restroom. After this happened quite a few times, Anderson contacted a doctor the next morning.

Anthony Anderson Wants Us To Get Real About Diabetes


The check-up found that his blood sugar was almost as high as 240, following which he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Anthony added that his father was also impacted by the same problem:

Following the diagnosis, Anderson claimed that he had to make a few changes to his everyday life as he did not want his family to go through what he had to following his father’s death. He acclimated himself to a healthy lifestyle:

Yoga, Meditation And Good Eating Helps Anthony Anderson Thrive With Diabetes


After getting cast in Law & Order, he made the decision to slim down and went to see his pal Al Roker, who put him in touch with a nutritionist. Anderson purchased a bicycle and rode it to and from set. This explains how he went from weighing roughly 47 pounds to the size he is in his most recent Instagram post.

Likewise, Anderson worked with Get Real About Diabetes to spread word about the disease. Among the many shows for which Anthony Anderson is recognized are Black-ish, K-Ville, Law & Order, and others. In addition to Kangaroo Jack and The Departed, he has also been in Scream 4.

Anthony Anderson Gets Real About Diabetes - Diabetes Voice


The 52-year-old was most recently seen in Kenya Barris’ romantic comedy You People. The film’s main stars were Jonah Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Eddie Murphy. On January 27, 2023, the movie became available on Netflix.

Anderson will reprise his role as Ray-Ray in the upcoming second season of the Disney+ animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.

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