Non-Surgical Buttock Lift: Serdev Method For Butt Lift Effective

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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Non Surgical Buttock
Non Surgical Buttock

What is the buttock lift without surgery with Serdev suture?

It consists of lifting the buttock using a round cerclage with a suture (special thread) passed with a special curved needle and without applying any filling material or prosthesis. What is achieved with this technique is to reposition the buttock in its site.

For which patients is it indicated?

For patients with gluteal fall (ptosis), that can be of different degrees.

Are there some people who are not candidates for this procedure?

Yes, people with buttocks that are located in their natural place, without sagging or sagging, only they may lack volume.

Can this treatment be performed by both men and women? What type of glutes is each looking to achieve?

Yes, both, the gluteus that you want to achieve in a firmed buttock in its natural place, that is, elevated, and marking its natural anatomical curvatures.

What do they usually see and talk about on the first date?

They often ask to add padding to give it more shape and volume. Many times it is not necessary to add padding if not an elevation and repositioning of the buttock thus obtaining what they want.

Have you noticed that in recent years there is more demand for treatments to improve the buttocks? Do you think that beauty standards are changing?

Yes, there is more demand, many times they go to fill with fat, thinking that they lack volume and the real problem is the sagging or sagging of the buttock and simply with its repositioning without more, it is already raised, and rounded, without the need to fill nothing.

Do you think that performing gluteal exercises can improve this area or is it already a genetic issue and difficult to fix without medicine or cosmetic surgery?

Physical exercise to strengthen the gluteal muscles is always good, but when there is sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, no matter how much you exercise, the muscles will never reposition themselves. Of course, genetics play an important role. As in all Medicine.

How many threads are usually necessary?

It is a single running thread.

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What differentiates Serdev threads from other threads on the market?

The other threads on the market are superficial, that is to say, fanned out and not anchored. This causes the result to be very poor since you cannot lift all the weight of the gluteus.

Is it a painful treatment?

It is performed with sedation because the procedure is somewhat painful and the patient may experience discomfort but usually only during the first week after the placement of the threads.

When will the patient see the results? What will you notice?

The results are immediate and the gluteus will be more elevated, rounded, and with a smaller holster as can be seen in the photographs of the results.

What are the benefits of buttock augmentation with prosthesis?

The process of carrying out this technique is approximately 1 hour. Unlike buttock augmentation with prostheses, it is performed under local anesthesia and/or sedation, that is, without general anesthesia. In addition, we managed to achieve a very natural result without the possible complications of prostheses.

Can you lead a normal life after the procedure or do you have to follow some recommendations?

The first days you have to avoid intense exercises that include the buttocks and the first postoperative week is annoying.

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Are the threads resorbable? After a while, does the procedure have to be done again?

The Serdev suture lasts between 3-4 years. It is then reabsorbed by the body, and over time, it may be necessary to repeat the process.

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