Lip augmentation and Profiling, on the subject of a case

woman with doctor cosmetology studio
woman with doctor cosmetology studio

Lip augmentation aesthetic procedure must be preceded by a meticulous study of the area’s functional anatomy to be treated, in this case, the mouth, in static and dynamic, taking photographs in different planes, and then discussing with the patient the possible techniques. You can make and comment on the results of this procedure.

We must use a white background to take high-quality photographs, which will explain to the patient the possible treatment that will be carried out and later save them in the patient’s history.

Aesthetic Medicine is created to correct anesthetics, that is, to modify some area of our body that we consider ugly, deformed, without grace, very thin or very thick, large or small, and return the patient the ability to accept 100%, so that This occurs it is good to know that the patient’s anatomy plays a vital role in the results.

In the case of the lips, we can outline, hydrate, give volume, and rejuvenate. Modifications will always depend on the person’s anatomy, and it is impossible to modify a mouth of a woman with skin phototype I-II (white complexion) and transform it into the mouth of a woman with skin phototype V-VI (dark complexion) since the anatomy of each one is different depending on the race. The patient must understand her situation. In this way, she does not come to our consultation with false expectations, which later brings confusion and bad times when seeing that the doctor did not achieve the expected result. The doctor must explain to the patient what are the possible results of the treatments you are going to perform.

In one of the patient’s cases, the thickness of both lips was corrected, hydrating them, accentuating the abutments, and subtly projecting the upper lip, with which the patient was delighted. Said treatment was performed under infiltrative anesthesia (from a dentist). Used 1.5 ml of Ac Hyaluronic Kiss (lips) and a 25G needle and cannula were used; The patient leaves happily, with slight edema without pain and with a degree of disappointment, because her dream is to have Jessica’s lips. It will never come true.

  • The Labial Profiling consists of the infiltration of a small amount of hyaluronic acid in the edge of the lips, aiming to differentiate white lip red lip and slightly projecting lip.
  • The Labial Hydration is to apply hyaluronic acid on the bemellón (red lip) surface to distribute small quantities proportional to the surface thereof to achieve an effect of turgor.
  • The Lip Volumetrization consists of the infiltration of reasonable amounts of Hyaluronic Acid in the lips to provide volume. This treatment must carry with it a dose of prudence to obtain elegant results.
  • The Labial Rejuvenation consists of a complete treatment of the oral contour patient, exceeded 50. It is to treat the barcode white lip to support the lip shape and moisturize both lips, which is the complete treatment and usually requires two sessions.

This treatment’s universal recommendation is the use of local cold to reduce inflammation and any oral analgesic. After 21 days, you should return to the consultation for post-treatment evaluation to correct possible asymmetry and answer possible new questions.

Whenever you go to your Aesthetic Doctor, you should go early and ask him for an opinion on the treatment you want; perhaps he/she has a better option for you, which favors your facial harmony and pocketbook.

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