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How to explain to children the surgeries?

surgery to your children
surgery to your children

Today, we are lucky to live in a world in which medical, scientific and technological advances can fix almost everything. The physical aspect of a person is one of the things that can be modified in a “relatively” easy way.

Today, having a problem or aesthetic complex is no longer a burden to deal with permanently. Generally, the problem is solved thanks to the expert hands of a plastic surgeon. In the best cases it is solved by a little invasive treatment and in the most complex cases, through a surgical intervention.

Either way, undergoing a change in appearance is a personal decision that cannot be taken lightly, it must be deeply meditated by the person. If you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery, you not only have to analyze the risks involved in entering an operating room, but also the consequences that may arise after the operation, if the final results will be desired and if you have psychological skills to overcome it In case they are not.

Aesthetic change not only affects you

So far, you may already know more or less what to put on each side of the scale. This type of information is easy to find out, there is a lot of bibliography (articles) on the Internet about these topics and you can always (and should) contrast it by going to an expert and trusted surgeon. But there is one more aspect to consider, which is not usually analyzed conscientiously. Have you ever considered how your aesthetic change will affect others? When you are not satisfied with your appearance and want to change it, it is important to consider how your family, friends and acquaintances will face the change and, especially if you have young children, you should think very well about the psychological consequences that may arise.

How does a child’s mind think?

Children are smarter than we think. A child can know exactly what is happening or what is about to happen if he is explained in a way that his cognitive development can reason. If you have small children, you will have already realized that they are intelligent, for this reason you should not underestimate their thinking ability. Arrived the day of the intervention you will be away from home for hours or maybe some days, you will return home full of bandages and convalescent, you will need a recovery period . And, most importantly in your case, your appearance will have changed noticeably and immediately, there being no progressive period in which to be able to assume that change.

You can realize the importance of explaining in detail to your young children what will happen to you. We are going to raise a situation: you have undergone a rhinoplasty , which you have not explained to your child for not knowing how to face that moment, you have just arrived home and you have your face covered by bandages, can you imagine the face of your little one to see you suddenly this way and without knowing why you have been out for so many hours? The girl in the story was crying heartbroken more than thirty minutes in a row. Do you think it is necessary to make them have a hard time? Do you think the girl had not understood what her mother was going to do?

It is necessary that your little ones know what will happen at home and in your lives soon. Protecting them is of no use and less so in a case like this, in which they will finally know the truth. Children are surrounded by fears and anxieties when they don’t understand things, so if you give them an adequate explanation at their cognitive level they will be able to understand what is going to happen . Your doubts, fears and anxieties will be diminished and the psychological consequences of the subsequent change will not be negative. They will successfully face the new situation thanks to your help.

What should your child know about surgery?

You must value this issue. If your child is too small, you may not need to tell him in detail how an operation is performed(that the mother will open the skin, that there will be a lot of blood, that they will sew the skin, etc.), but you should explain in a general way that a doctor is going to perform a treatment or a cure, just like when you go to the doctor together, or what you consider appropriate. You will see that it is much simpler than it seems.

However, if your child is older, it is convenient that you explain how the surgical process is, make him understand that it is natural and that it is controlled by experienced doctors . And, above all, it is even more important to explain the personal reasons why you have decided to submit to it . It is important that you understand that for your mental well-being you have decided to change, that there is a problem in your physical appearance that does not let you be happy and that minimizes your self-esteem. In this way, with a new aspect you will be able to face life better and this will positively affect the whole family.


Still don’t know how to explain the surgery to your children?

If you are still having a sea of ​​doubts about how to explain to your children that you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, do not worry. The book My beautiful mommy by Dr. Michael Salzhauer will help you . The book is aimed at the smallest of the house and, through vignettes and illustrations, tells what will happen to mom during and after her cosmetic surgery. The book treats in a very pedagogical way the doubts and fears that can arise to young children when their mother has decided to undergo a change in their physical appearance .

Anyway you can always go to your expert surgeon to ask everything you need to know and ask for advice or guidance on how to deal with this situation with your loved ones. Do not miss the opportunity to improve your appearance if it has really become a problem for you, but consider very well how to deal with the situation to prevent this problem from resulting in others that may be more serious in the future.

What do you think?

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