Can I get a tattoo before surgery?

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beauty skin care tattoos piercings thumb

Tattoos are considered by some people as another way to beautify the body. They perceive them as a form of artistic expression that can be really decorative.

This supposed fashion is nothing current. Since the origins of humanity, people have been fascinated by tattoos; The first scientific data about the tattoo date back to 5,000 BC But the tattoo is also a somewhat controversial body ornament. Due to its permanent nature, you must be aware that you want to make a body mark like this, with which you will live for a very long period of time. If, for whatever reason, you want to get rid of it, keep in mind that removing a tattoo is a procedure that is not performed as quickly and easily as one might want.

And as with any aesthetic treatment, whether medical or not, it is totally advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional expert, in this case a tattoo artist who guarantees you the result you want and ensures you the essential hygienic and healthy conditions. This way you will have to make sure that you do not have subsequent problems of various kinds such as infections, ulcers in the drawing of the drawing, not achieving the result of the drawing you want, even (on rare occasions) serious problems that affect the whole organism of the person can result .

Tattoo removal, today, is possible thanks to aesthetic medicine through laser techniques . But, like any medical procedure, this carries its risks. In addition, the time that elapses until complete tattoo removal is not as fast as the safe patient wishes. Next, we will address the delicate question of tattooing, if it is convenient to do so before surgery or if there is an alternative to permanent ink, among other aspects.

Can a tattoo be done before cosmetic surgery?

This is a very frequent question among patients who come to the clinic because they have decided to undergo, or have already scheduled, an aesthetic operation. Initially, there is no reason to prohibit the patient’s decision and desire, but medical experts strongly recommend not getting a tattoo just before a surgical procedure . Nor is it advisable to have any other skin treatment.

The reason for the recommendation is the possible damage that the tattoo or skin treatment can cause. When you get a tattoo (or an aesthetic treatment), your skin is damaged and becomes more sensitive and reactive. Therefore, it is not in the best condition to face surgery. Also, when getting a tattoo, you run the risk of getting an infection in the area of ​​the drawing, and if this happens, the surgery will have to be postponed.

You must keep in mind that, to undergo surgery, you have to be in the best possible condition. This implies that both your body and your skin and, of course, your mood must be in top form. That is the only way to contribute to the success of the operation.

Can I get a tattoo after surgery?

This is another question that frequently appears in the specialist’s office. Many patients wait for surgery to get a tattoo later, in order to have a much more spectacular body to show off the tattoo.

Experts recommend performing the tattoo when you are fully recovered from surgery . As you know, surgery is an invasive method (to a greater or lesser extent) and it takes time for your body to be in excellent condition again after the procedure. For this reason, it is advisable to wait until you are sure that the skin is able to withstand the damage that is done when getting the tattoo.

In general, doctors recommend maintaining postoperative rest for a month or two before fully recovering normal routine life. Although, in any case, it is the doctor who will confirm this and will tell you when it is recommended that you get the tattoo. This will depend on the type of surgery you have undergone.

What does the doctor recommend in relation to the tattoo?

The basic recommendations that every medical specialist will give you about the tattoo are the following:

  • Be sure you want to get a tattoo and the drawing of it. You will have it printed on the skin for a long period of time and, at present, it is possible to remove tattoos, but it is not a procedure as simple and fast as doing it.
  • It is not advisable to get a tattoo on a mole or freckle.
  • In young people, it is also not advisable to do it in the lumbar area or around the spine, since this will prevent injecting local anesthesia in case it is necessary for a medical intervention.
  • In the same way, it is not a good option to perform the tattoo on the inside of the wrist, since the tracks are put in it (to administer drugs) in case of having to be hospitalized.

The alternative to permanent tattoo: micropigmentation

If you do not have the firm conviction that you want to get a tattoo, you have at your disposal an excellent alternative: micropigmentation . This is a medical technique that injects micropigments under the skin permanently and is used, above all, to correct imperfections, scars, reduce small wrinkles or profile eyebrows and lips.

However, due to the success of the results it offers, many people begin to use it as a method for tattooing, as it offers the advantage of not having to wear the skin drawing for the rest of their life. In this way, you will not have to resort to the laser for tattoo removal when you want to get rid of it.

In any case, you should always put yourself under the hands of an expert, either to get tattooed or to perform a cosmetic medicine treatment. That is the only way to guarantee the safety of the procedure and achieve the best results.

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