Everything you need to know about lip augmentation

The shape of the lips greatly influences the aesthetics of the face, so it is not surprising that in recent decades the demand for lip augmentation procedures has increased significantly.

shocked woman open mouth stare worried while take bottox injection lip
shocked woman open mouth stare worried while take bottox injection lip

Increasing the volume of this area of the body can help to achieve greater proportionality and harmony in the face and even correct aesthetic alterations, such as disproportion in size between both lips or periodical wrinkles.

Lip augmentation: do you have to go under the knife?

Nowadays lip augmentation is usually done through permanent or temporary fillers, but the truth is that in cases where the disproportion between one lip and the other is large, or when both lips are very thin, it can be resorted to. directly to the operating room.

The lip augmentation operation consists of moving the tissues from one lip to another. The scar is hidden inside the mouth, so there are no visible signs of the operation. The result is a fuller, sexier, and more proportionate lip.

Lip fillers: what types are used

In most cases, lip augmentation is done through fillers. To reduce discomfort, the entire intervention is done under local anesthesia, which is injected directly into the area. In this way, the patient will not notice any pain.

Autologous fat graft

In this process, fat is extracted from the patient which, after being processed and purified, is injected into the lips. This procedure is usually carried out when a facelift is performed that involves the removal of fat due to excess of it. Part of that removed fat is used to retouch the lips and increase their volume.

Its drawback is that there is always a percentage of autologous fat that tends to be reabsorbed by the body so that some areas of the lips can be left with less volume than others.

Fillers based on collagen, hyaluronic acid …

In these cases, through a very fine needle, small punctures are made on the lip to gradually insert the filling. Today the most used material for lip filling is hyaluronic acid of plant origin. Its results last between six and twelve months.

There are other fillers whose use is not very widespread due to their side effects. The bovine collagen allows for temporary results but has a high risk of generating allergic reactions.

The Artecol is a compound formed by microscopic balls of methacrylate and collagen. Its effects can be seen for one or two years, depending on each patient, but it usually causes fibrosis that makes the result not as natural as it should be. The same happens with goretex, which, despite being a definitive method, ends up generating problems of consistency and inexpressiveness.

Can silicone be used as a filler?

The silicone was lip filler material was used more until a few years ago. The bad results it has given in the long term have made it totally ruled out today.

The use of silicone for lip augmentation is totally prohibited by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, not only because of the long-term results of this substance, but because it is almost impossible to remove this filling from the lips in case problems or side effects, which has serious consequences for patients.

This type of treatment does not require any postoperative process, so the patient can immediately return to their daily routine. But as is normal you will have to take some precautions during the first days.

During the hours after the treatment, avoid exposure to the sun, as well as to heat sources or excessively cold temperatures; You will not be able to take aspirin either, only those medications that the doctor prescribes. If the patient is taking any specific treatment, you should inform him before starting the treatment.

In the days following the intervention, it is normal for the area to be somewhat inflamed from the injections. Some professionals also claim that nodules may appear. To avoid them we can follow these tips:

  • Massage the area as the infiltrations are carried out
  • Hydrate lips well, as dryness is counterproductive
  • Taking medicines that prevent swelling

Is it a safe procedure?

Today lip augmentation is a totally safe procedure if the patient is put in the hands of an expert and approved products are used for its use. In this sense, it is important to ensure that the product is authorized for use by the Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality and has not been adulterated or diluted to get better performance.

In order to avoid problems, before the intervention, the doctor must ensure that the patient does not suffer from allergies (especially to collagen) and that he does not take anticoagulant medications.

Profile of the patient who opts for this intervention

Lip augmentation is an intervention more demanded by women than by men, although it can be performed without any problem within the male gender.

Most of the women who opt for a treatment of this type are those who have already passed the 40 years. They begin to notice that the lip area loses volume and, as a consequence, the wrinkles in the perioral area appear more pronounced. Most of them choose to increase the volume of the lips with hyaluronic acid since they also tend to use this filling material in the wrinkles near the mouth. The result is a smoother, younger, and more proportionate face.

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