Have you thought about a Lip Augmentation?

A lip augmentation is possible thanks to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the main molecules in our skin;

beautician prepare client lips permanent make up procedure
beautician prepare client lips permanent make up procedure

Lip Augmentation has the ability to attract and accumulate water, which gives support and structure to our skin. When an infiltration of hyaluronic acid is made, it is integrated into our body by absorbing water and increasing local hydration. In addition, it is completely biocompatible.

By augmenting the lips through a hyaluronic acid treatment, very natural and homogeneous results are obtained thanks to the fact that we all naturally have this molecule in the body.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid infiltration on the lips?

  • Get juicy and highly hydrated lips
  • Eliminate small wrinkles at the edges or corners of the lips, known as barcodes
  • Gives lip structure and volume in a natural way, allowing larger lips with a more beautiful and defined profile

Lip augmentation at Clinicas Dorsia

At Dorsia we advocate for responsible beauty, so the first step is for our professionals to get to know the patient and make a diagnosis of your skin. We want them to have a personalized treatment based on the needs and characteristics of each person’s skin.

Once we have made the diagnosis, the treatment begins, which is divided into two sessions:

  1. Product infiltration with lidocaine for pain relief
  2. Follow up or retouch if necessary

The interval between the first and the second session is two weeks.

Who is this treatment intended for?

For people who want to reshape or increase their lips and achieve longer results over time. Also for those who wish to elevate the corners and correct wrinkles formed at the corner of the lips.

What results will I notice with lip augmentation?

Thanks to lip augmentation, lips are shaped, projected and thickened.

The volume of the lips is increased and water is retained in the area, producing rehydration.

What other tips can I follow to hydrate my lips?

In winter, lips crack and one of the most popular searches on the Internet is how to keep them hydrated.

The Internet is full of home remedies from Dorsia Clinics we always choose to buy quality products. Even so, we leave you a series of tips to keep your lips hydrated:

Exfoliate lips

The skin of our lips is thin and sensitive and is affected by wind, heat and cold. Exfoliating the lips removes dead cells.

eye! Specialists recommend exfoliating once a week. If we exfoliate our lips too much, the scrub can remove the natural protection of our lips.


If you want to protect your mouth, repair chapped areas and nourish your lips, then you should always carry a balm in your bag. You can use it whenever you notice that your lips are dry.

When choosing it, keep in mind that it includes sun protection, even if it is not in summer and avoid those that only attract your attention because of the smell or taste.

Like the scrub, it is not recommended to use it in excess. Many make the mistake of using it constantly because of the taste that some of these balms have or because of the smell it gives to our mouth.

Drink water

We know that drinking water has multiple benefits. The hydration of your lips is one of them, it is recommended that you drink at least one and a half liters of water daily.

Don’t lick yourself!

If you are licking yourself all the time, you remove the balm you are using. Also, you will dry out your lips.

Do you want to get a heart attack? We teach you how to paint your lips!

Step 1: Exfoliate and moisturize the lips, as we have advised you , you should use exfoliating and balm, but always in moderation if you do not want to achieve the opposite effect.

Step 2: Outline your lips, before painting use a pencil to outline your lips and not go out of the way. To have a natural color, the pencil and the lipstick must be the same color.

Step 3: Color your lips, after using the eyeliner, fill in your lips, we leave the color to your choice.

Step 4: Do you want to get more shine? Use a touch of transparent glitter to give your mouth a different touch. This last step is optional.

What do you think?

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