Everything You Need To Know About Carboxytherapy: The Power Of CO2


CO2 has multiple qualities, including the therapeutic purposes that are used in different techniques. Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive method that uses this gas to combat cellulite, fat accumulation and circulation problems, among others, through subcutaneous infiltrations.

The origin of carboxytherapy dates back to the 1950s in France, specifically, in the French thermal waters of Royat, where a group of cardiologists discovered the healing power of carbon dioxide for circulatory diseases and excess fat.

Although the treatment has progressed over the years, the operation is basically the same. Using equipment specially prepared for this, small injections of CO2 are made under the skin using a sterilized needle. The machine that controls these infiltrations regulates the passage of gas, the speed of the flow, the injection time and the percentage of the dose. This dioxide, which is extracted from a small oxygen tank, passes through a pathway, which ends at the needle that is injected into us and once under the skin, it fulfills its function and is eliminated naturally.


How does it work

CO2 can have different advantages for our body. In the case of carboxytherapy, its injection in the form of gas causes the subcutaneous tissues to undergo hyperdistension, which in turn produces a release of bradykinin, serotonin, catecholamines and histamine . These substances stimulate the beta adrenergic receptors that are responsible for lipolysis, or destruction of fat.

The gas is distributed under our skin quickly and can be completed with massages that will help its subcutaneous circulation. CO2 also contributes to better blood flow and provides nutrients to the area. In addition, the pressure exerted when injecting the gas causes the membranes of fat cells to rupture and increases the synthesis of collagen, which is so beneficial for our dermis. Therefore, the quality of the fabric is improved, the skin is smoothed and the treated areas become thinner.

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Although we cannot rule out future therapeutic applications of CO2, today its main uses are to treat:

  • Cellulitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Aftermath of acne
  • Pre and Post Liposculpture
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Localized Obesity (volume reduction)
  • Flaccidity
  • Stretch marks

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Despite the great effectiveness of carboxytherapy, we must bear in mind that, especially for the treatment of cellulite and accumulated fat, it is a complementary and not definitive technique . To maintain the results you will have to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. In addition, it can have mild side effects such as swelling, redness and pain in the treated areas.

The duration of each session will vary depending on the threshold of the patient and the type of treatment you want. Normally, the changes are perceived from the tenth session and each one can last from 15 to 60 minutes. The first days after each session it is advisable to drink plenty of water to remove toxins and purify gas.

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