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Bruxism is a much more common pathology than it seems. What happens is that, being an unconscious act, which generally occurs at night, many people do not know they have this problem, and they spend years and years going from specialist to specialist trying to find a solution for all kinds of muscle pain reality derives from a single cause.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is nothing more than grinding or clenching your teeth, either during the day or while you are sleeping. The normal thing is that the lower teeth are pressed against the upper teeth and that they also move from front to back and vice versa, all this unconsciously.

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The causes that cause this problem are not known for sure, but it is known that stress is a determining factor , although not the only one. This grinding of teeth can also be caused by improper alignment of the teeth, by eating, by the posture that is adapted to sleep and even by sleeping habits.

What symptoms does it cause?

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The reason why many patients who have bruxism spend a lot of time from specialist to specialist trying to find a solution is because it has effects beyond pain in the mouth. In fact, it is normal for them to suffer frequent headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, ear pain and even back pain. This is because, when clenching the teeth, strong tensions are generated in the body and, consequently, muscle pain appears

Later, reviews are usually carried out after a few months to check if the patient’s quality of life has improved and if the pain has disappeared.

Tips to avoid bruxism

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In addition to following the treatment indicated by the specialist, there are some daily habits that can help reduce episodes in which teeth grinding occurs. It is recommended to practice aerobic sports on a regular basis, as they allow you to release energy quickly.

To leave stress and anxiety behind, you have to have periods of rest during daily activities, thus allowing the brain to rest. Looking for new hobbies is an alternative to keep your mind busy.

It is recommended to reduce caffeine consumption and practice relaxation techniques, as well as maintain a positive attitude towards life.

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If you notice tension in the face area, it is best to apply moist heat to the affected areas. Something simple to do with the help of a towel. It is also advisable to sleep at least eight hours a day, eat well (avoiding sweets and hard foods) and drink plenty of water.

Previous analysis

There are many different forms of bruxism and many effects derived from bruxing. Hence, before applying one or the other solution, the specialist must carry out a thorough study that will include, among other things, an interview with the patient, an extraoral examination, both muscular and joint, an intraoral examination and perhaps also an imaging examination.

As we have seen, this problem can cause significant damage at the muscle level and not only in the jaw, so the best option to solve it is to put yourself in the hands of a specialist who is capable of making a good analysis and diagnosis, and based on him, establish the best possible treatment for each patient.

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