Anti-wrinkle treatments with results in record time

Anti wrinkle treatments with results in record time
Anti wrinkle treatments with results in record time

Over time, the skin becomes more delicate, begins to lose collagen and elastin, wrinkles appear due to loss of strength and elasticity, the skin dries more, age spots or excess sun appear, etc …

Different aesthetic clinics offer comprehensive services to avoid or solve problems caused by the passage of time. For this reason, at Eres, we have treatments that help eliminate these problems. In just a few minutes we will carry out the treatment and the results will be visible at the moment or shortly after:

  • Treatment of facial wrinkles: We have Botox, for wrinkles derived from expressions such as the frown, produced when frowning.
  • Treatment of the nasolabial fold and lip filling: For this, hyaluronic acid is used, it fills the fold immediately and the lips, increasing their volume.
  • Cheekbones treatment: for flat faces, without volume in this area, we use products that fill and give shape and volume from the moment of application, such as Sculptra (polylactic acid filler that increases the thickness of the skin), Voluma (highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler that increases the volume on flat faces), etc …
  • Treatment of the facial oval: We achieve the remodeling of the facial oval thanks to Atlean (hyaluronic acid and tricalcium phosphate), it acts by stimulating the synthesis of endogenous collagen producing a lifting effect and improving the flaccidity that occurs after a certain age in the facial oval.
  • Treatment of dark circles: dark and sunken circles have a solution thanks to infiltrations of collagen or hyaluronic acid.
  • Treatment of spots produced by the sun: We have a retinol-rich peel that eliminates these spots in a single application … the peeling should be on the face for a few hours, after this, the skin is renewed and a young skin appears, nourished and unstained

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