11 Myths of Carboxytherapy: Stretch Marks, Side Effects

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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Carboxytherapy is a medical technique that uses carbon dioxide, which is a medicinal gas used for the treatment of various skin conditions: scars, stretch marks, facial and body aging, sagging, and other skin diseases, skin ulcers arterial or venous, and for the elimination of subcutaneous fat.

There are some myths that I want to clarify in relation to its use in Aesthetic Medicine.

Myth 1 : “Carboxytherapy is a therapy that uses a bad gas for the body”

Reality :

No therapy seeks to harm the body, otherwise it would not be called therapy, on the contrary Carboxytherapy uses a medicinal carbon dioxide gas, which produces beneficial, therapeutic and healing effects on the tissues of our body.

Myth 2: “Carboxytherapy is a technique that does not need prior medical evaluation”


A medical evaluation is always necessary before, during and after treatment. In order to make a good diagnosis, see the evolution of the treatment and assess its effectiveness respectively.

Myth 3: “Carboxytherapy is a simple and easy technique, therefore it can be applied by anyone”


Carboxytherapy is a medical technique, which despite being simple for those who are well trained and familiar with the application technique, implies having deep knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, medicine, very important when addressing an aesthetic or health problem. On the other hand, although the application of CO2 does not require a complex technique, it is necessary to have the necessary skills for its correct application, which differ depending on the treatment and the effect sought. It is also important to regulate the outflow of the gas, the amount of gas to be injected according to the anatomical area to be treated, among others.

Myth 4: “Carboxytherapy produces free radicals that increase aging”


On the contrary, the correct application of CO2 not only does NOT produce free radicals, but also favors the production of natural antioxidants in our tissues. This antioxidant or anti-radical effect combats cellular aging with the consequent improvement of the skin in general, these important biological attributes have been the subject of numerous scientific publications today.

Myth 5: “If carboxytherapy is applied to the eyelids, they become swollen and painful and remain that way for a long time”


When carboxytherapy is applied to the eyelids for rejuvenation purposes with the correct technique, there should be no residual pain and less swelling for such a long time. Carboxytherapy is one of the few treatments in aesthetic medicine that can be applied in this delicate area, and without any risk as long as it is applied by expert hands. The volume of the eyelids should decrease in a few hours and there is usually no pain.

Myth 6: “If I do a carboxytherapy session, I can’t exercise”


Physical exercise does not interfere with carboxytherapy treatment. Contrary to popular belief, carboxytherapy successfully complements daily training and both are enhanced.

Myth 7: “Carboxytherapy is a medical technique used only for localized fat and cellulite”


Carboxytherapy is a medical technique and began to be used in the last century for circulatory and skin problems. Its positive effects were observed in improving the quality, turgor, and wound healing of the skin, so its use was extended to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. That is why carboxytherapy is considered a gymnastics for the skin, since it is a good resource to rejuvenate the skin of the face and the whole body in general. With carboxytherapy we can treat expression lines, dark circles, facial photoaging, body of hands, neck and décolleté, stretch marks, flaccidity of legs, buttocks, etc.

Myth 8: “When localized fat is worked with Carboxytherapy, lipolysis occurs and fat is eliminated through urine”


The effect of carboxytherapy is not merely mechanical, it is rather biochemical. Carboxytherapy has the same effect as exercise, it induces lipolysis (destruction of fat) at the level of subcutaneous fatty tissue and stimulates these released fatty acids to be used in the adjacent muscle. Fat is not excreted in the urine.

Myth 9: “Carboxytherapy is a treatment only for women”


Carboxytherapy is a treatment that can be performed for both women and men. In fact, it is ideal for facial treatments in men because it is ambulatory and does not usually leave bruises, it can be done throughout the year regardless of the sun, and its effects are gradual and discreet; just what gentlemen are looking for. In our experience, more than 30% of our patients are male.

Myth 10: “If I have had carboxytherapy before, I no longer require prior medical evaluation”


Carboxytherapy, like any medical procedure, has contraindications, and our state of health can vary in a matter of days, months, years, therefore it is always necessary to carry out a prior medical evaluation.

Myth 11: “Carboxytherapy makes you lose weight”


The only real way to reduce weight is to increase energy expenditure with exercise or reduce food intake, this translates into physical exercise and calorie-restricted diet. Carboxytherapy helps to eliminate localized fat, which despite having a correct diet, due to genetic tendency there are areas that are very difficult to eliminate with the diet being at an optimal weight, it is at that moment where carboxytherapy takes full advantage because it helps to reach your goal and look good in a shorter time.

I hope these explanations have clarified some of your doubts.

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