This is the best position to sleep if you have menstrual pains

Women who suffer from intense pain during their cycle may have trouble sleeping. This position can alleviate the discomfort.

This is the best position to sleep if you have menstrual pains
This is the best position to sleep if you have menstrual pains

Although it has many things that are common for all, the menstrual cycle also has its particularities from woman to woman. Not all of us feel the same in each of their faces. Just as the period is different in each one, it also generates variations throughout the month. Some women feel very active during certain days, but others spend very tiredly, obfuscated or sensitive.

Menstrual pains are one of those variations. There are women with totally painless periods, but for others, there are stages that force them to stay in bed and rest. The pains may be more or less intense and manifest in the area of the abdomen, back, breasts, head and other parts of the body.

Women who suffer from many pains during their cycle may also have problems sleeping since colic can be very intense. This is because the uterus contracts as the blood come off.

Some gynecologists recommend the fetal position to counteract pain.

This is the best sleeping position in the period since it eliminates the pressure of the abdominal muscles and helps relaxation by decreasing pain in the lower abdomen. Also, it reduces the amount of flow by pressing with the legs.

It can also help to apply heat to your abdomen, with a hot water bottle or heating pad. This will help you relax the area and relieve pain.

Practicing mild yoga can also be very beneficial. Although there are positions that are not recommended to do during the period (such as inverted), some can help you stretch the area and relax your muscles.

For example, the child’s position. To do it, get on your knees on a mat, sit on your feet and lower your body forward. You can leave your arms at the side of your body or extended forward. You can also separate your knees a bit and let your hips open, relax your pelvis and your back.

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