Sleeping in this position relieves menstrual pain (and this worsens them)

Sleeping In This Position Relieves Menstrual Pain And This Worsens Them

It is not always easy to get a good night’s sleep when you have your period … and rest is particularly impossible especially for those women who suffer from abdominal cramps.

Waking up, sleeping and waking up with unbearable pain – this is the reality for many women during menstruation.

But fortunately, the medical community has figured out which position to sleep best and should adopt at that time of the month – thus relieving the ‘damn’ cramps.

And instead, he also found out what position he should avoid at all if he intended to get a good night’s sleep.

According to experts in gynecology, the best way to rest without pain is to put yourself in the fetal position.

Which means that the muscles located in this area can relax, and consequently the less tension caused results in fewer cramps.

Conversely, you should avoid sleeping belly down, which causes compression of the uterus – also increasing the intensity of the bleeding.

However, and as all women know, the most important thing at this time of the month is comfort, and each should choose what makes them feel better.


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