Shaving: frequent mistakes and advice

In shaving, you have to take care of the skin before, during and after

Shaving mistakes you didn't know you were making
Shaving mistakes you didn't know you were making

In shaving, mistakes that cause skin damage such as irritation or cuts are often made. Therefore which are the most common, how shaving should be and what products can be used to hydrate the skin before, during and after.

The most common mistakes

A very common erroneous tendency is to try to shave in the same direction of the hair , thus getting to do more passes through the same area, with the consequent irritation of the skin.

Going in a hurry does not leave enough time to hydrate the hair and clean the skin properly , and the use of worn or damaged blades makes it increase the force needed to cut the hair, increasing the risk of irritation and cuts.

How should shaving be?

Shaving against the direction of the hair, because in this way, an effective shave is achieved more quickly. For his part, shaving in favor of hair growth produces less irritation , but there are areas such as the neck in which the angulation of the hair with respect to the skin is less, so that to facilitate shaving it can be necessary to go ‘against’ hair growth .

Before shaving, the skin must be prepared by moistening the hair and cleaning the skin with mild soaps orexfoliants, If the tool used is the blade, would also be necessary a good foam to shave,
During the action, “the shaving gels keep the hair of the beard hydrated and provide lubrication that reduces the friction between the skin and the blade. Once the shaving is finished , hydration is also important, and therefore, after shave specific products can be used after shaving and, later, you can also use moisturizers commonly used.
For freshly shaved skin it is appropriate to use the after shave because “they are usually moisturizing products that leave the skin softer.

Types of skin

When shaving you have to take a series of precautions and use products according to skin type:

Sensitive and / or dry skin: this skin “must be hydrated as much as possible prior to shaving and you must use specific products for sensitive skin during the shaving process , both foams, if the shaving is with a blade, and specific after shave products. after”.

Oily skin and / or acne in this case, men “should be used routinely creams and gels specific for your skin type and for the shaving process, should use products oil free or fat – free “.

When to shave?

After the shower is the right time, for “the importance of skin hygiene and hair moisture”. On the other hand, if you do not mind the when. It has always been said that any cream or topical product applied in the night hours is absorbed more effectively , since the skin is not exposed later to any type of habitual aggression of the daily life.

Change of blades and machines

The use of new blades and shaving machines should be done according to what the manufacturer says and it will also depend on the frequency of the shaving, since normally a blade usually loses its edge a lot from month (or even before), while that for a razor, it is advisable to change it every two years or sooner if less efficiency is observed at the time of shaving. Once a week it seems a reasonable frequency, it is difficult to determine the frequency to make the change”. In addition, other factors that influence the wear of the blades are ” the density of the beard, the thickness of the hair.

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